What size tent is needed

Looking to grow (3) autos (2-AH & 1-AK47) with the light below. What size tent is needed?

I’d get the AC Infinity 3x3x5


I like my infinity 4 x 2 x 5. It fits two photos (three if I trim and low stress train). I like it because of the footprint. I am not tripping over it to get t the laundry room.


Do you know the dimensions of the light? That should give you the information to determine the dimensions of your tent.

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Here is the footprint?

  • ENERGY SAVING - The actual power is 426 watt. Best hang height at 24",Core Coverage area at 47"47"(3.93.9ft). Maximum coverage area at 49"49"(4.14.1ft). It is more scientifically and energy-efficient than HPS HID and MH. It serves both herb/veg/bloom and is convinient for you.

So would that be a 4x4 tent? With the height of?

I found it is roughly 19 x 13 so it would fit either 3x3 or 4x2. Also the coverage area would be adequate for either configuration.

You want to get as much height as you can afford

With autos you can get away with a shorter tent (generally speaking) but you might eventually want to do photos or raise autos to get as tall as possible and they can get big

The one I recommended is 5 feet… so far I’ve never run out of room but my plants so far have been unusually short

Don’t want no short short plants


I am no expert but based on the google…using “watts per square foot MJ” as the search:

Depends on the light.

50-60 watts per square foot - low efficiency lights.

30-40 watts per square foot - medium efficiency lights.

25-30 watts per square foot - high efficiency lights.

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What you got to speak on this issue?

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For 3 plants specifically a 2x4 is probably what most would like. Without having the need to do 3 plants specifically i would probably choose a 3x3 over a 2x4 though.


Thanks. What about height? I know this is based off of how much distance is needed between the lights and the plants. I’d rather have some extra head room.

I’m not really sure what to expect from your light, but you can make just about all them work. General consensus is taller is better.


Three plants in a 2x4 is pretty tight and didn’t yield any more than two in the same tent.

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What’s the height of your tent?

six feet

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Why not? These Super Silver Haze Sativa photos are known to be able to grow to 12+’ outdoors.
These are less than 18" here and my tent could let them grow about another 12"

To me, the most important detail is that the tent fits well the space you have for it.
My tent is only 24"x36"x53" but it fits in my closet very well.
Sure I wish I could have a BIGGER tent,
but where the fuck could I put it and remain as stealthy as possible.
I just have to plot and plan my grows intelligently to most efficiently use the space I have.
When I move I hope to be able to set up both a veg and a flower tent.
Maybe even a 3rd tent dedicated to Autos.

What light r u using?

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I have a very non-traditional lighting configuration.

I have an adjustable 160 W max output LED as my top light.
During the flowering of my 1st grow, @Hellraiser suggested auxiliary side lighting to boost yields.
I got 2 more adjustable 100 W ea max output LEDs, 1 on each side of the 36" length.
I think this configuration gives the plants in my little tent better light coverage than a single top light.
I spent less than $150 for all 3 LEDs, but picked the wrong side LEDs the 1st time.
Both arrived dead and were returned.
2nd buy of side LEDs was better, with both working for a week.
Then 1 went out and had to go through the warranty replacement option.
Now all 3 of my LEDs seem to be working fine.
I have a wide range of lighting settings I can use.
:+1: :sunglasses:

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I have only ran out of height twice. I posted that picture because my tent is 2x4 and dbn32 said three was good in a 2x4. I grew three in there once and it was too tight to work on the plants. It also yielded the same amount of dope as two plants. Even with two plants in this tent, I leave the door open during the day so they spread out a little.

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