Help finding right light for new grow tent

Good day all! I am a new grower and just bought the Yield Lab 3x3 grow tent. It’s only 2 ft tall so not a big tent. Plan on growing smaller compact plants. Anyway, I am struggling to know the ideal light setup I should buy for the tent. Should I be targetting 300 watts? I am looking for a dual band as want a light that can be used for both veg and flowering. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Pass on product options if possible. Thanks!

Welcome to the community. The size of your tent has me somewhat puzzled. I get the 3 x 3 but 2 feet tall I don’t know. Remember you need lites in your tent and that will take up some height room so what is left for the plant size :rofl: :bat:. Maybe someone else here can give you some direction. happy growing

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lol you could cut the top of your tent off if it’s 2 ft tall only and hang an hlg 260 haha… Lol but realistically if it’s only 2 ft tall you’re going to have a ton of issues. Enough room for your light being number 1. I’m not sure any light will work for a full grow with that space

I also have a 2 foot tall tent. :crazy_face:


LOL, just what I was thinking.

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turn it on it’s side and throw and hlg 135 in there


Thanks all for the advise. Although I was planning on topping to control the height, turning it on its side is not a bad idea at all to give me an extra foot of grow room. So figure 3 ft tall and a 2x3 foot print, would an HLG 135 be the right light?