Lights for 2x2x4 tent?

Growing autos. Have little room so have a 2x2x4 tent. Using lights as photo shows. I realize they suck.

What is my best light option for this space? As I see it, I have a few issues. First, it’s not large so I can’t put a giant light there. Second, I worry I will have issues where plants are too high, even if I LST them? Need a good way to put light at top of the tent. The one now hangs from a chain and isn’t easy to lift.

there is a youtube out there about shortening the hanger length by wrapping from corner to corner. Worked slick. One end was pulled through the loop of the other hanger where it is connected to the light.
Have to experiment a little.

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Thanks. I’m looking at the Spider 1000 as a nice replacement but I assume it’s the same issue - they will all hang from chains. I need to learn to wrap.

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Oh I found it already. I’ll do that when I get home. Wonder if I should just get a second light like I have and run both?

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I would go with HLG 135 rspec. I have same tent size and am running that light! You won’t be disappointed, use code “dude” for discount.


Found the video so I’m posting it here.

Shorten your lights!

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could you post the link.

It’s hyperlinked in the text.

Yep, the perfect light for a 2x2.

I use ratchet hangers at each corner of the light, frees up a lot of space. Here’s a HLG 135 hanging in a 2x2 tent.


That is the one I was thinking of. thanks