Best light for 2x2 tent

Hi just getting prepared for next time, I’m going to get a 2x2 tent what would the best light be would hps okay I know people struggle with the heat is so what watts ect and what led would be best Iv read hlg qb 135 v2 are good thanks


I run the HLG 135 rspec and she’s a beast! Can’t go wrong with HLG. I’m in a 2x2x4 AC Infinity S4 4” carbon filter.


Great thank you I’ll have a look into them wanr to see what people say about hps to so have a option of both, the hlg seem to be a twat to get in UK, seen the 135 one for 250pound, but then there’s another one in dollars which works out to a 150pound but emailed asking how long it would take to ship

Without proper ventilation the 135 heats the tent to much (91f). But I didn’t have any ventilation set up when it got that high. I would imagine the hps would be even hotter. Now that I have fans set up it’s around 77f

Yeah I reckon so, what so would need a decent Intake and outtake? Can get vented hoods to carnt you not sure?

You can just in a 2x2 there’s not a lot of room

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Ah right I’m with yeah I’m only planning on growing one auto init like :+1:

I’m only on my first grow at the moment but I’m only in a 75x75x160cm tent with 4 auto’s :joy: lesson learned

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Check it out if you want.