Basement Gorilla 4x4 Shorty Grow

Hi - newbie here… only area that will accommodate my grow space and equipment is my unfinished basement…would like to know if I should pre-treat/spray the tent space and perimeter of tent with "bug or insect killer before I put together and place the tent, and install lights and filtration???..(if so can you advise of a poduct?)

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I would just make sure everything is clean. Unless you already have a bug problem, then it makes sense to tackle that first.

Ehhh you could but I really don’t think you need it. You’d be bringing in the pests via the soil so any treatment to the tent would not eliminate the initial problem.

Go ahead and grab some BTi and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade and sprinkle on top of soil. These are organic and work well. Can also get some yellow sticky pads to monitor pest population levels if you’re worried about pests.

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Dbrn32 has you covered, and welcome to ILGM.

Newbie is back…still on learning curve bigtime…managed to screw up and do too many things wrong to list, but have gotten to the following 2 plants (2pics of each)…Autoflowers 58 days from seed; Happy Frog Soil w/15-20% Perlite in 3gal Air-Maxx pots. 4’×4’ Gorilla Grow Shorty in Basement…2 Lights…Viperaspectra 300 LED and California Lightworks Solar Extreme 500…20/4 light cycle…lights roughly 2ft above each plant…Smaller plant is Tangerine Dream Auto–Virperaspexta light…Large plant is Critical Purple Auto using the other light…Both from Growers Choice Seeds in CA…water intake about 1.2Gal spread btw the 2 plants every 2 days…Fox Farm trio Nutes…using 1/2 of schedule mats on every-other watering…Temp 72-78degF/roughly 28-32%…Here’s home they’re looking…would appreciate any thoughts/advice…Thanks!!