SOG with WW and no tent?

Hi all,

I have not the room for a tent in my small, low-ceilinged 1/2 basement. I am hoping that with a good LED with spec of 4x4 coverage, I can do a SOG using small grow bags and no tent. Just hang the light over the plants and crowd them together.

It’s about the best I think I can do, indoor-wise. I am currently growing this spindly little WW under fluorescent tubes because that’s all I have at the moment (I’m doing outside plants too), but I was also thinking about using that portable wardrobe as a frame that I can hang an LED light from, and wrap three sides with some kind of dull reflective material. One side open for maintenance, also the top and bottom are mesh.

With that small of space, I would grow the main branches horizontal before flowering starts. This means the branches can be bent if you do it safely.

Tie them down till they get enough weight. Once you have enough flower weight, release the branches. They will stay down and will eventually start to grow in height since the flowers will grow towards the light.

By the time they grow back in height, you should probably be close to finishing the grow.

You can Mainline, SOG and even Scrog. Just find which technique works for you.


Nice plant. I’m doing a perpetual grow using WW. Most of my bushes come from the same mother. Very hardy plant.

Move this one outdoors until you get a better light. Just my two cents

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I have enough plants outdoors now. This one here is a test really. I want to see what I can do with just these fluorescent tubes at 2700k and 12/12.

And being inside, it’s away from the brutal heat and humidity and rains we’ve been having here in Central Virginia. I had a lot of bud rot on my outside plants.

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So if I don’t use a tent, and forgetting about that rolling-wardrobe, can I do a SOG with WW seeds using 1-gallon grow bags on the floor, in a 4x4 square, with a LED spec’d for 4x4 coverage?

You don’t have to use a tent in a basement (I don’t). You do have to lightproof the plant area to keep the 12/12 dark enough. I used panda film, hung it from the rafters. White side facing the plant, of course.

IMO, you have a lot of room there, just not much height. Get the plant as low to the ground as you can (can you put the pot on the floor?). Keep the plant as low as possible (see @Arrow 's labor of love).

I think you’re going to have basement issues more than height/size issues. My basement is ~52%RH, and to get it down to the 40s takes a lot, I have to dehumidify most of the basement…


SOG is done with many clones and a net.

then i suggest you scrog the plant…sog and scrog are 2 different techniques …create the flattest canopy you can… @MrPeat got you on that… @Jungle got you on your height issue, which is going to become very real, should you grow sativa dominant plants… @StonedCold13 got you on the see of green… :sunglasses: :v:


Thanks Arrow. When I wrote that I was referring to the existing plant and why I want to leave it inside. My original question is for the future - this fall / winter, with a good LED light like one from Spider Farmer or Sono Farm or similar. A light that covers 4x4 area.

I want to be able to use a tent for foolproofness - hanging the light from the frame, keeping light out for 12 hours, exhaust fan, that stuff. But I am just wondering what I can do with just grow bags sitting in the floor.

I’m also thinking about a real tent, out in the garage, but it gets cold in the winter out there. I still might look into it because then I could really expand.

But in the base ment I am more limited.

Thanks everybody for your time and advice!

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That light you are using to grow is going to produce subpar buds. Very airy. Small like popcorn sized flowers.

This is why your plant looks the way it does. Its not getting enough proper light.

I get you want to see what happens and now you know what will the end result be. Just don’t expect much bud is all I am saying.

This plant was from a buddy of mine who is no longer with us. A person jacked all the buds off it.

I revived it under better lights than what you are currently using. I managed to get exactly 1oz dried, cured and no stems.

Now under a proper light you see this.


Interesting - so you’re saying that I can improve this already plant with a good light? That would be excellent, and something I can use the new light for right away while I still figure out the tent (or not).

Yes with a better light it will help a lot. @dbrn32 is the Light Guru and he can help get something in your price range.

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Again, I grow in a corner of the basement without a tent. There’s nothing magic about a tent (other than an enclosure). Lights, fans, etc., etc., are not solved by the tent (it just gives you a place to put it inside a cramped tent).

One benefit of a tent would be that you might be able to control temp/humidity inside the tent by exchanging air outside the tent. I can’t really do that because other than light, my grow area isn’t sealed off from the rest of my basement.

Let me answer your question, though: Can I grow successfully with good lighting in my basement without a tent? Yes, absolutely you can.


This is a 2x2 frame with six purple haze in 1 gallon fabric pots in a SOG with ScrOG without a tent.

They are photoperiod plants and I am able to provide the requisite 12 hours of complete darkness.
I have grown autos in the same location before light proofing the room.
Prior to this I grew this photo in the frame but using an autopot

this is the setup. A pvc frame to support the light. I have three sides wrapped with mylar to improve light reflection.

Can you absolutely light proof the entire basement or at least hang black out curtains to separate the grow space. It not, grow autos.


No I can’t. My wife and I are liable to pop down there at any time night or day. We have a second fridge down there, and other stuff we might want to retrieve.

I did find a 60"-high 4x2 tent which would fit in a corner and be somewhat out of the way. I might go with that in a couple months. But for now, I have a SonoFarm LED light coming (maybe today) and I will hang it from my existing temporary “rack” and see if I can improve that WW.

If I decide to go tentless this Fall / Winter, which auto is best for doing dense plantings with, a la SOG or SCROG? Is it more a matter of Indica vs Sativa than any particular strain, for example?

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Indicas tend to grow short and stout. A Sativa grow tall and bushy.

Indicas are great for small spaces. Sativas need height. I have grown Sativas to 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide indoors. They get so big that its not unusual for the plant to be over 2 feet out of the tent. I had to learn to grow horizontal for Sativas.

So far my Autos have tend to be pretty short.


You might recognize the light hanging over that 2x2 frame. It is a little overkill but I have the sono farm 4000 hanging there.
Generally the heavy indica strains will be more compact. Read the descriptions then search the forum for threads covering that strain. If you come up with something specific you are interested in, post the question. One of my favorite autos was blueberry. I grew three of them. I think this was the smallest at about 16".



Just removed the T5 fixtures and installed the SonoFarms 2000. After doing some bending / spreading, I can already see that several of the branches will be out of the range of light, but I think this is better than what I had. Now I will hope that I can improve this WW.

Going forward, I have a couple ways I can go:

  1. get some Mylar and wrap three sides of this makeshift structure, and do some autos.

  2. get a 4x2 tent and be done with it (for now). Probably easier to do than Mylar.

  3. get a 4x4 tent and another of these lights. If I could find a 4x4x60" tent I would go for it. I’ve only found a 2x4x60". All the 4x4 tents are too tall for my basement. But my wife says I have “male refrigerator blindness” and it could very well be that I’ve overlooked a search result.

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Hi beardless. I remember this old thread I left the forum for a few years after this due to health reasons but I’m still around and started playing in the dirt again. How did this turn out for you ? Please fill me in. I’m kind of in the same boat. Maybe you remember my screen name I think I had the same back then or close 2 it. Hope all is well