Banana Kush autoflower

This is my first grow. I have a couple of questions. First, I bought the grow lamp from A pot for pot. I am wondering if that was a bad move for lighting purposes. I am only growing one plant, though. However, for the price of that one (160) it seems like now I could have gotten enough power to have grown a couple for less money. Secondly, I am using a bedroom closet as a grow room. While this room will be perfect for day/night lighting (it’s pitch black in there with all the doors shut) I have noticed that it is about 8 degrees cooler than the upstairs. I haven’t seen it get above 65 yet. I am worried that this will cause grow issues. Am I wrong? I hope so. If not, how do I increase the temp in the grow room? I know this super basic, but so am I.:joy::joy::joy:

I should have mentioned this. I have not even germinated yet, so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

How many watts and what kind of light is it.

@Mark0427 I am not sure about the brand. It’s is the grow lamp that A Pot For Pot sells on their website. a Light for Pot - Single Pot 75 Watt LED Grow Light

It’s 65 watt. I have learned so much more since I ordered this last week through research and I don’t think I should have bought this. It looks like I could have gotten a lot more power for the same if not less amount of money.


Also, should I get a grow tent? I want to make sure I’m doing this right and have everything ready when my seeds are germinated and ready to go.


Depends if u do autos or photos. Phitos id say yes fir sure. If u do autos do t necessarily need a tent as long as u can keep temp and rh in control


True that I grow excellent autos in a closet and never had a hermie once ( but I am going to upgrade to a tent just for extra space)


So what do you think about my lighting in the link above? Also, how am I supposed to manage the temp? I’m assuming the light will add some heat, but being an led it probably won’t be much. I think I’m going to line the closet with Mylar. Is that a good option for increasing the temp?

Hermie? Dude, I’m such a noob.

Hermaphrodite, when your girls grow Male pollen sacs due to being stressed that’s why photos need a tent weird times lights stress them.
LEDs only add like 5-10° nothing I’d worry about and I think itll get the job done but consider getting a 135 hlg rspec for flower (the extra red helps A LOT) oh and don’t forget fans


What about seedlings? Full light?

Germination UL listed heat mat. If the root zone is at the right temperature the plant will be happy. Space heaters= fire hazard in my opinion…unless someone is always home

Will the heat mat work on a five gallon pot? I’m starting the seeds off in their forever home.

Yes :100:, look for a UL listed one

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@IslandGrown76 @Mark0427 @GreenSnek thank you guys so much! I appreciate the help and the patience.

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Np and you can transplant with autos (that top right was a transplant) but if you do azos sprinkled in the plug makes it fairly easy on the plant

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You can stand in traffic too, but I wouldn’t recommend it…hahahah

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Should I just place my pot on top of the mat or wrap it around the pot?

Dude. You came to the right place. This forum is amazing.

I’m also a newb. I’ve been on here going on a year. I’m on my 5th grow as of this morning. I learn something new every time.

I’m a HUGE advocate for HLG DIY kits. If you have ever used a screw driver you can put together an HLG kit. Get the 135w r spec kit.

If you plan on expanding (you will, this hobby is addicting) get the next kit up, either the 260w or 260w long.

Ask any question you have. You’ll find an answer. I have a sour diesel auto going. It’s the best stand alone plant I have grown.


My winter grow didn’t get above 68. Don’t sweat that temp. You Just don’t want it to get too warm or too cold. Normal indoor temps should suffice.

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