Back in the saddle

Hi everyone, happy to be back. Have been thru many trials in life but happy to be here. Got 4 girls going. 2 g glue, b banner, and ban kush. I don’t think I’m utilizing my a scrog properly as there’s not much difference . Last upon suppercropping@ what time do you begin? Before or after weaving begins?
Thank Guys! Hope all’s well!


Welcome back @Laurap you’ve picked some good strains to grow, I don’t use a net in my grows I’m fat n old if something happened under the net I’d be screwed lol I use supercropping to help with my canopy in order to keep it flat, what I do is if a branch is out growing the others I bend it over to slow it down a little


I typically do a supercrop around week 5-6 of veg or about a week or so before I flip to 12/12. I’ll then do a normal defol at 21 and 41 days into flower. I do however trim red stem leaves from bud sites regularly at water times. A few leaves here and there is all good.


This may be a non helpful answer but I started about 6 weeks into veg by accidentally snapping the plant in half. She bounced back like a champ and has been accidentally snapped two more times since then (it’s been about 3 weeks). I’ve learned that I can’t be trusted to water the plants.

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I’ve tried a a dog last 2 grows but honestly don’t think it has actually helped. I can only use 400 hops in flower. After flip they grow maybe a fourth. So cutting everything below leaves me with smaller harvest. Have 4X4X72 tent & was getting 1lb or 1 and half lbs. with a scrog got maybe half lb to 3 qtrs.
Thinking going back to basics. Old school hippie grow.