AutoPot Product Line changes for Fall 2020

I was just visiting my friendly AutoPot suppliers website and discovered a few changes in AutoPots product line.

The first is no big deal, but they are no longer using Smart Pots, but have switched to Spring Pot fabric pots.

The second upgrade however, May be a big deal for some. They came out with the Aqua Valve 5 which has increased the size of the tubing from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, making the 1/4 inch products obsolete with the promise of supplying repair parts for the 1/4 inch products.

The new valve is compatible with their existing AutoPots so you can upgrade existing products to take advantage of the bigger diameter tubing.


Thank you for this information. I bought my AutoPot system for first grow, this last spring. I actually ended up getting some spare parts just to have on hand. The difference between my AutoPot plants and the lone Soft Pot plant in the tent is night and day. The AutoPot plants have huge thick stems and do very well. I will check out the changes for my next grow when these autoflowers are done.