Has anyone found fabric pots to be smaller than advertised?

I received a Dirtpot today that was ordered as a 5 gallon. It also says 5 gallon on the label. It fits inside the 5 gallon pot I bought at Lowes so it is not wider. You can see how much shorter it is. I am wondering if it was mislabeled.

Regardless, I don’t think this will be big enough for autoflowering. Opinions on whether or not it is big enough please. I am guessing this is around 3 gallon at most.

I still have time to reorder a larger one. What brand is going to arrive true to size?

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@smokysmurf I got mine out of enay where you get yours at

If that’s suppose to be a 5 gallon pot that’s a three gallon like the one I have and sorry can’t answer the autos question I don’t do autos

I don’t have a Lowe’s we’re I live sorry I just seen that in your picture at least you got a Lowe’s or awalemart where you at I have to order everything online

I ordered it on Amazon. I think it must be mislabeled.

I have never compared that closely, but have always felt they’re smaller than advertised. 5 gallon is about the size of 5 gallon bucket, but only about 2/3 of the height.

Iv ordered from amozone they miss label a lot and don’t give you what the product suppose to come with led glasses directions

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Be careful if you order fans iv had two fans break on me from them one lasted two weeks the other lasted one day

That seems pretty accurate considering my pics of the two side by side. It fit pretty snugly inside the 5 gallon pot as well. So if I reorder from another brand I will probably get the same. Do you find these to be big enough for an autoflower grow? Thanks.

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I wonder if a 7 gallon would be closer to an actual 5 gallon pot. If they even make a 7 gallon. Back to Amazon.

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I’m sure you can find some variance between brands, but I don’t remember much difference and have had several different brands.

I do think the typical 5 gallon fabric pot is big enough for an auto grow. If it’s indoors, I would maybe even consider a 3 gallon.

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I found this: https://www.inchcalculator.com/tank-volume-calculator/ and it confirmed my suspicion. The Dirtpot that is advertised at 5 gallon is actually 3.23 gallons.

It measured 9.5" tall x 10" wide. You can either leave the fill depth blank or enter the same number as the diameter, it comes out the same.

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I measured my Lowes 5 gallon pot and it comes out to 6.85 gallons. It is 14" tall and 12" wide.

Smart Pot gives the dimensions on Amazon.

Smart Pot 5 gallon measures 9.5" tall x 12" wide. This comes out to 4.65 gallons.

Smart Pot 7 gallon measures 9.5" tall x 14" wide. This comes out to 6.33 gallons.

Interestingly enough, Smart Pot 10 gallon is 11.5" tall x 16" wide and it is 10.01 gallons!

I guess I will go with the 5 gallon smart pot.

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Somebody should bookmark this. I don’t know how.

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Bookmark is to save for yourself

I have used both Smart Pot and Vivisun 5 and 3 gallon fabric pots. Like both and volumes are similar. I like the handle placement on Vivisun.

Sorry. I didn’t mean bookmark then. Is there any way to make this available to the general masses. I think a lot of people might be interested to know this. Thanks.

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Edit: I was using the horizontal cylinder shape when I said to enter the same numbers for fill depth and diameter. If you are using the vertical cylinder shape you want fill depth to be the same as height. Then you can factor in how high you would actually fill the pot with soil to get a true measurement of your container.

It should come up in search for everyone

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