Autoflower Flush, When and How?

First grow.! Going into approx. week 3 of flowering and just starting to form small budlets. Feeding FF trio with 1 gallon going between 3/3gallon pots with plenty runoff on each. Usually around 1600 PPM going in and 1200 out. I see many run around 800 PPM but i have had no nute burn and slight yellowing at growth sights with lime green plants at 800 for some reason. 1st plant unknown photo seed that has been mainlined just to try out, 2nd is Amnesia auto (with forming budlets), 3rd is WWxCM and has been growing well yet not quite flowering?! Gorilla grow 2x2x4 with BudgetLED full spec dimmable 130w. Can only switch from flower or veg not both so I do half for the day and switch for the other half being as thought they all are not on the same page. Should I be backing off of nutes on the flowering auto and getting ready to flush soon? Also should I be giving photo plant bloom nutes or separate container of veg only? I am doing 16 on/8 off so technically the photo wouldn’t be in flower atp and I also would like to top once more since she is looking very healthy. Sorry so much at once! Help anywhere is very much appreciated! Stay high☺️

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Sorry so many journals I’m trying to get ahold of this asking my questions business besides looking up answers on different journals! Pics at lights on🙃

I will keep an eye on your thread. There are so many that its hard to keep up,lol. I will do my best. I dont use fox farms so I will be no help there. I’ll do what I can though. Peace…

I’ve been a little hard to reach here lately. Very busy time of year and I’m about 6 weeks into my next grow. So it’s been busy last few months. If you are only in week three of flowering then I wouldn’t be worried about a flush yet. You still have awhile to finish flowering…I’d keep adding the nutes as long as your girls seem to like it. Have you seen the fox farm nutrient chart? I would go off that as far as feeding your photo the veg nutes. It’s simply broke down week by week, if you want to veg your photo longer …then just keep using their recommendations for the last week of veg. Or conversely if you want to flower them early, then just stop the veg nutes and start with week 1 of the flowering schedule.

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If you want to veg longer…keep giving week 4 rates. If you flowering longer than 12 weeks…keep giving week 12 rates. I have all 12 nutrients listed as I bought the dirty dozen pack. But all of people just use the main three ff trio. I’ll try and pop in now and then and see how it’s going. Best of luck…stay safe and stay medicated :exploding_head:

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As far as the flushing… that’s a whole new can of worms. As I have seen several discussions on here regarding when and how to flush…or if at all. A lot of well respected growers say you should not flush your plants with straight water for 2 weeks before harvest because you are robbing your plants of much needed nutes During a crucial times of the plant fattening buds. Their theory is the nutes are already in the plant structure and a 2 week flush does nothing. I’m not one to be able to argue one way or the other yet. As I am still trying different methods to see what I like best. It doesn’t matter what some guy in the internet says. There is an exemption to every rule in life. I just want to try and see for myself. Something you just need to experiment with your plants and see what works best for you and your girls. Sorry if that doesn’t help…just throwing information your way :+1::raising_hand_man:t2:

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The veg/flower explanation, very helpful in terms of where I should be with nute ranges! Seems as if I’ve been doing pretty well with keeping a handle so far…with flushing I kept coming across a lot of contradicting opinions: some flush for better taste, some say don’t for better taste, some say harsh, it’s all over​:thinking:I’ll flush one and not the other maybe? Pics are from last night, I believe I had my fan blowing a little too hard and also I may have found ladybugs outside and put a couple in the tent thinking they would feed on any smaller bugs lol. Seems as if they snacked on a few leaves instead :woozy_face: so they’re out and I’m keeping an eye on things. How do we look so far?

Also I’m terrified of WPM or any of the such so I’ve been handling and defoliating like crazy! Should I be hands off or keep everything open to air/light?

Defoliated today for better light/air circulation…we shall see!

Little yellowing with new growth gave calmag PhD water, feed tm at 1/2 strength

Wow! You opened that up pretty good! Pleased keep posting pictures! You’re not going to want to start flushing yet at all!! You’ll trip when u see what the next few weeks do for her! Good luck & much love :v:t2::green_heart::seedling:

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Thanks for joining in! :metal: Have mother plant still that has been topped and pruned repeatedly because I have the 2 autos and have no idea how to “keep them on one accord” so still wingin it there! and just continuing to care for them all, AH has gone into full blown flower. I didn’t start counting at the time she preflowered just when I could see she had pistils coming together more so than just a few wisps; she now has little budlets all over!!! Yayyy me!WWxCM has started as of last week both planted 9/11/20. Defoliated a bunch because I had a few spots of WPM on top of the coco, added 2 more small fans and it is keeping at bay. Have the same light but also ordered a second to assist with flowering (I felt it wasn’t enough spread as they began to get bushier) light to arrive tm!Continuing with FF trio +Camg I understand some like molasses some disagree decided to give it a go for the first time yesterday and will try once a week maybe This has been a fun experimental first grow! Had a few issues with fungus gnats , the WPM as mentioned, high PPM (no nute burn, total confusion but backing off ATP just to be sure) Also, should I have pistols already browning some are most aren’t…Please join me until the end! Pics from after defoliating and this

and this AM! Starting to have some brown pistols but other than that I think it’s going ok so far :crossed_fingers:

Today’s pics lights down low. Fed this AM-=pH 5.5-5.9 runoff PPM=1100-1300 Extra light been in since just yesterday after adjusting to new bigger light I threw the smaller in as well! Close up is of photo going into flower. Also did some super cropping to keep low. image|375x500

Little clone at the bottom of tent got a look yesterday, and has roots!! :blush: If I want to keep rotation in there, or even try monster cropping should I wait a week or two as the 2 autos should be moving out while the others are getting ready to be transplanted?

This weeks pics. Having a time with fungus gnats saw a few of the larvae and added a garlic/cinnamon mix topping… don’t know if it will help and considering doing a peroxide drench and restarting nutes.