Anyone use one of them aeroponic cloners, "Clone King" or such

Yeah, anyone bought one of them aeroponic cloning machines, 25 or 36 cloning station, or whatever the brand and stations?? I just saw one on ebay, hadn’t thought of it. Calling a 100% success rate for cloning, I sort of believe it is said to not use any rooting hormone or such like that. Sprays oxygenated water on clones, and can any size, or so it claims the one I saw.

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I’m in the same boat, I think I will just go ahead and order a cheap one to try out. I have heard so many people having good success rates, I was thinking about building my own but I don’t really think it’s worth it for me right now as I am low on time all the time.

BudBd I’ve built a copy of clone king,and the biggest issue I had using it,was regulating the water temp.
The pump generates heat and even on a timer will eventually make the water temp. soar,well over the 70* to 80*(F) optimum temp.I had to put frozen water bottles in daily to finish the clone cycle,and that was kind of a pain in the ass.
They sell chillers for them,but they’re a bit pricy.I ditched the clone machine and went back to propagating cuttings in my greenhouse.

Wow, producing heat? One of my number one problems for most of the year is the extreme cold conditions where I try to do things, like right now I have my fledgling clone attempts in my kitchen side wall under a seedling/cloning lamp fixture, and I figured out the floor is “cold”, same thing ruined my chances at germinating some seeds. I was actually thinking about ordering a heat mat just in case I needed to get to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll probably order a pre made one, cause I live so rural I’d have to order all the stuff anyway. Yeah, the clone king 36, meaning 36 clones, man, I wished I did have 36 clones right now, I’d have experimented with my various gardening ideas and seen what killed plants and what didn’t. I have about ten viable clones from last month, and they don’t even look right, probably will end up with three or four clones from april 7, a shame.

I thought about not spending the money and doing cuttings in peat, might still do a few if I have to wait awhile for equipment, right now I saw a sale on those “clone kings”. I have two very strong plants, and they were strong even from seeds, they are so bushed out right now, am afraid to make some clones till I have my process thought out. I think those cloners work real well supposedly for hardened stem cuttings.

Yeah, technically, I have been buying so many pieces of equipment, its driving me nuts, stuff like lighting I will eventually be using, and stuff for making up a grow room or two. Its my extreme environment round here on the Oregon coast, last night I was in town, very very cold and windy, gets that way in the home somewhat overnight.

Yeah, well, I ended up ordering the clone king, its on sale for $70 plus about $15 shipping, bought me a seedling starter with heat matt for $32 on sale, and a temp controller for heat matts at $32 on sale in case I need it. A lot of my problems germinating and especially cloning is my cold climate, plus, that aeroponics can supposedly do hardened stems more successfully according to the description. I’m just desparate for decent condition clones, from my two good condition strong white widow plants.

I built one, but just a bubbler, no mister, out of a 3.5 gallon black bucket (aprox. $4 at Home de Pot or Lowe’s or other local hardware store) with a black plastic lid. And then carefully with a utility knife or x-acto knife, or use a 2" drill hole saw, I cut 19 sites in the black lid to use with 2" net pot and foam collars. I used a $10 Tetra Whisper 20 gallon aquarium air pump and a large fine bubble air stone, and the stems sit in the first inch of water, no mister needed. It looks very similar to this set-up on e-bay, but again with an aeration air stone and aquarium air pump instead of a mister.

And yes, I get pretty much 100% success rates with it, I have never needed to use but maybe 4, to maybe 8 of the sites at any one time.

I think the set up pictured goes for like $55 on e-bay, but I like bubblers better than mister, nothing to plug up and no motor in the water to contribute any heat.


I know the feeling, I recently got a job and I found I want to spend my paycheck of stuff for my plant…I look at it as investing but it still hurts to be dropping money on stuff.

I’m pretty much done with the peat thing, what I plan to do is if I can get roots with the cloner I will transplant into peat after the roots begin to form, and then once they burst out of the peat I will transplant into a 1 gallon pot and then up from there if needed. I’ve had success with the peat before but for some reason I cannot seem to get a clone to save my life right now.

Do you or how often do you change the water in your system and do you use like store bought purified water?

Distilled water or pH adjusted tap water, and I probably fill it with nearly 3 gallons, so the stems don’t have to be that long to be dipping in an inch of water.

I change it about once a month, indoors with cool temps. Maybe every two to 3 weeks, it depends.

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The cloner I ordered is a mister type, do you happen to know if I will have to change out that water more often I have heard the mister nozzles getting plugged. I also was thinking about adding some water soluable rooting powder to the water in a higher PPM do you think that would help or is it just going to run off?

Yes, you will probably want to use only pH’ed water with very low PPM, like distilled water, and make sure whatever additives you use, i.e. rooting powder, fully dissolves as not to plug your misters. And yes, you might have to clean it and change out the water completely and often to keep minerals from building up and plugging the misters.

I like that MacGyverstoner way of “hydroponic” style, but I am so new to this whole thing, I mean, if I can get me some clones going, en masse, that are healthy with a “mister”, I’ll use it till maybe someday I decide I want to build something home made “hydroponic”. Well, by that time, I might go totally hydroponic, and will be comfortable, well read, and experienced, and have a lot of the materials on hand.

Speaking of water, I really need to use my tap water, it has a ph of 4, and electric distilling a gallon at a time is tough. I bought some “ph up and down” solution with my amazon order. I mean, maybe if I use fertilizer with my tap water I have noticed a corrected ph level to 6, but haven’t tested it with “booster” and my tap water and tested with ph.


I’ve never used the mister. The industry more tech terms for these two types are deep water culture aka “bubbleponics” for roots submerged directly in water, and the mister, this is a type that can be a type of aeroponics as the roots hang in the air, there many types of hydroponics.

Hydroponics, in its purest meaning, all nutrients are delivered to the roots by the water itself, and so even growing in a pure peat or pure coco, which many think of as a “soil”, but as the media does not necessarily provide nutrients, and the plant gets all its nutrients from the water and nutrient mixture you give it, this is actually a type of hydroponics. The “mister” type of hydroponics is often refereed to aeroponics, as the roots mostly suspend in the air, but again, as all nutrient are supplied in a water mixture, it is technically a form of hydroponics.

The aeroponics methods might allow for higher temps as the roots will get lots of oxygen from being suspended in air and therefor you won’t have to worry about the water not being able to hold as much oxygen at higher temps.

Wow, anyone who would order a “clone king”, from the aforementioned place, ought to decide if they can wait a long time, or opt for expedited delivery, I mean, mine will finally arrive maybe tomorrow, New Mexico to Oregon, over a week and a half. My plants are so bushy, I need to clone my best strongest one, it might produce 36 clones itself, almost wished I had two of these cloners to experiment with my environment specific issues. Since some of my plants have experienced some stresses over their three and a half months lives, I am gonna have to sex some clones to make sure they are still “female”.
At least I just received some female super skunk seeds from, well,(the first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club, they said in the movie), the buy five get five free, as a beginner, I shouldn’t start any till much later, I might start one, maybe two seeds in a seed germinator/heating pad assembly, it aint important a lot just yet, I could do just one seed, and in several months I could clone the living daylights out of it, just in time of having more experience in everything.

I got my cloning setup at the friendly Dollar store total cost $13.00 I have waiting for the tent 38 clones all WW 3rd generation. first pic is where I put them in qt size pots The first two pic’s got mixed up Sorry

2nd pic is where they got started

And the 3rd pic about a week ago


You mean for $13 is what it cost for plastic tote containers? From what I am seeing? That’s interesting, I still plan on honing my skills with cloning without fancy equipment, may have to anyway when I trim down my plants, if I have a lot of great potential starts I can experiment on. I had my plastic tote station formerly on the kitchen floor with a single 4 four foot t5 starter/clone lamp I thought was giving off “heat” when in fact it wasn’t enough, over in the spare corner, come to find out, it has been too cold there, you can wet a solo cup with soil and three or more weeks later still wet.

I’ve been using an aeroponic/bubbleponic clone system in a grow cell tent 80cmx80cmx80cm and a T5 light with 95% humidity and I have had a 100% success rate this season. I use clone-x to soak them in and a seed n’ clone nutrient in the system. I have never been so happy with it. I am almost tempted to try a full grow in a system like this. Reckon it could go great.

Ya both tubes were like $6. ea. w/cover clear I then soak my rock wool cubes in one gal of rain water with a PH of 5.5 then I add 1/4 tsp Hydrogen Peroxide , 1/4 tsp Super Thrive and 1/4 tsp Root Stimulator make sure ph is still 5.5 6.0 I let the rock wool soak for half hour
I have a very high return with very little effort and cost and lets face it you guys we all need to save where ever we can.


The hydrogen peroxide, …that is for ph adjustment?

yes and I ment to say I got roots like in 5 or 6 days

By the way how have ya been?