Anyone use one of them aeroponic cloners, "Clone King" or such

Hydrogen peroxide helps cloning by supplying extra oxygen to the water and helps kill off pathogens that could infect the cutting.

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I knew it had something to do with that but I have been so sick these past six days it’s from that " RADIATION DOUBLE DOSE TREAMENTS" what did I say…LOL
But ya the system works great and all together the cost was $50.00 for everything and can be used over an over again you can’t loose.



Your plants look so great dude! That’s pretty much what I am going for. Nice work man! You should get a dandy harvest from those. How do you like the white widow? Did you get it from ILMG?

Thanks for that tip!

I received my “Clone King” today, I am impressed with the way it is made, the lower square pot container is thick sturdy plastic, they give three sheets of foam clone holders, like two extra if the first one is worn out, extra plastic jets, instruction and advice for cloning, and the pump and even some spare solo cups for planting clones I suppose. I have to work up some energy to do some clones, I figure it requires no root hormone according to the instructions. I will use distilled water for my cloner, and make 36 clones. Then I will experiment with cloning without fancy equipment like others have talked about, with plastic totes, I even want to try that hydrogen peroxide method. IF I end up with too many clones, which I consider a small miracle, I know other medical marijuana card holders who are needing some clones, but I need to make sure the plants are still “female” by giving 12/12 of light for awhile to one or two each off each plant I may clone, once rooted to verify that the stresses didn’t turn the plant or plants from female to male, errrr, somehow. Actually, my strongest plant, white widow like everything, the one that has always been strong since a seedling, and pretty much never damaged much at all by the things I have done wrong, I will focus first on it, I plant on cloning that ALOT, and a lot of things to consider a very strong plant, like keeping it around alive for clones for a year before flowering, maybe, and apart from it being strong, it from the beginning did two branches from the bottom instead of one main stalk. Several of my other plants, they keep on showing various damage or are sensitive, but I need a clone off each to verify they are still female, and by the time they fully recover they are tall, will be taller, bigger, and will be over four months old by that time. I almost wish I had a second 36 station cloner, but I do need to properly experiment without the use of a cloner machine. Last month I tried my luck at cloning in my cold kitchen, I have four viable plants, two are like so miniature I am keeping them alive as a lesson, never know.

I received my cloner a few days ago. It was a bit more than I was wanting to pay but I just decided to go for it hoping it will pay off. I paid a little bit extra for a few extra goodies but the difference was pretty small so I just went for it. Since I can’t watch my clones all day I think this one might be a bit better choice, it’s a power something mister. Seems real professionaly done, plastic seems nice and strong. The lid has a seal and snaps on to the bucket tight. It came with 2 lids so I can swap out my 21 site cloner for a 4 site hydro system which I thought was cool. (An extra like 10$ from the one without the second lid.) The pump seems very solid, and definitely works. The PVC mister manifold also seems durable. I got it setup and ran it for just a second, got a nice face full of mist. It also came with some rootech and the hydroball things the plant goes in along with 21 neoprene inserts. It’s a 3gallon bucket with a handle so its not super bulky. I want to order some crazy growing outdoor strains and clone the heck out of them until I can get like 50 clones, find some property to plant them all on. That would be so cool.

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Yes I buy seeds and nutrients here. I myself have cancer and the white widow helps me put weight on and is great for my pain my
friends buy it from me for pain med and got upset when I ran out. I get back what I put in. This one gal swear’s by it for her illness
and she was really upset when I ran out. hell I got 8 oz that go out the door when it’s done in two weeks maybe more.


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Sorry to hear that, Will. It’s almost funny how bad a lot of people make mj out to be yet it brings people together, helps heal them and much more.

I set my cloner up a bit ago, I am going to test it. I took about 5 basil clones, and two unknown vine type plant clones. This is just what happen to be in my window sill so it’s what I took. I am running tap water, not sure of the PH or anything, I also dipped them in the rooting gel it came with. I am going to run one CFL over them. At the time of cutting they seemed quite healthy and as far as I can tell pest free. I am not going to be keeping these in my grow closet however because I do not want to chance spreading bests. I know this isn’t ILGBasil but I figured the test might be interesting. I am hoping by the time these either root or die my pest problem will be dealt with and hopefully my plant will be in recovery and growing again so I can take clones to try in the cloner. Of the legit herb.

It’s ok I’ve been pretty sick past 6 days or so but i’ll get better WW helps a lot.
Any way…I knew you would test her out…lol
Keep me posted on how it dose and where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking


I’ve been at trimming my seven plants, and setting up clones in my “clone king”. I cloned the heck out of two plants that are the strongest, I didn’t realize just how strong those two were, and most of the others except one that is nicely recovering(I hope stresses didn’t turn it male, a couple clones will tell when I test flower some). I ended up trying to clone one example of all the plants, as stated, and ended up doubling stems per one neoprene collar, and several of them are large stem, supposedly okay to do with that thing. Now I have a bunch of “spares” that are small, and I need to try out a peat pellet method, to see if I know my stuff, plus I hate wasting some really nice small starts from the two most strongest.

My only worry is if I cut a single cut deep enough, or too deep on some, per my instructions. Some of my cuttings were very small, hard to score with a sanitized razor blade. I have a fountain pump that is submersible, I am thinking about making another cloner copy, if anything for a spare if I run into the problem again of not enough cloning stations, I mean, I know some medical marijuana card holders who would like to have some clones, but I likely won’t have a lot to give away.

I bought some “leaf shine”, I thought about spraying my clone leaves, but the paper calls for misting the leaves once a day or so with water. I didn’t do any leaf cutting in half for the clone king, don’t think I needed to, according to the instructions. I’ll use the leaf shine for peat pellet clones, errrrr, some of my health troubles are “troubling” me, and lifting pots with my injured shoulder, I’d do some cannabis if I hadn’t popped some pain pills.

Anyway, when preparing for cuttings for the clonings, I manicured my plants the way I feel will be best for the rest of their lives, cutting down the number of large stems, fixing up my most damaged previous plant to have two very healthy stems growing fast and cutting away some stems above them so I can have a triple stalk, cutting off all sucker stems off the branches, and tying gardening strings in strategic areas.

CORRECTION ON NUMBER OF ROUND NEOPRENE COLLARS THAT CAME WITH IT, the number was actually three sheets of 25 each collars, 75 total, for a 36 clone station device, meaning a extra set of collars, not two extra sets.

Instructions? What is? Haha Nice detailed logging.

Will, I got mine off fleabay. :slight_smile:

That clone king, very very effective, none of the starts ever drooped/fell over, and hours later I stuck in two large stems I was gonna throw away, that had drooped/fell over in a glass of water, and I stuck them in the corner of the “lid” where the power cord comes out, and they straightened out later.
I have it in my kitchen under a cloner/seedling light fixture, one of four I own(I bought the other three for about $20 each clearance/returned items from an ipower dealer). I have read of some folks concerned about heat from the pump, but my kitchen stays cooler, I even have the portable air conditioner nearby blowing cool air up and to my living room, I have no worries about the clone king over heating, it is very cool here on the Oregon coast, …where I am at, too cold. I had numerous small cuttings from my two strongest plants, I re-used a plastic cake holder, with clear plastic lid, put peat moss in it, and prepared cuttings in there for the experience, put behind the blinds getting diffused light, all too small for a cloner anyway, since the cloner needs two to three inches of stem below the collar to clone.

I thought this was an aeroponics thread.

MacG; Where is that thread whereas; I posted thr Aero \Coner, I built? Do you remember?

Here are pics of the aeroponic cloner…and a couple more pics of the mother plants,… clones are almost twenty four hours old in the pic. The solo cups, errrr, don’t mind them, they are what is left of my first cloning attempt turned disaster, without a cloner, I know what I did wrong on those(split stems, cold floor, etc etc).

Those look great. Maybe if you have an extra we can do some swapping. :smile:

Something sort of unrelated almost, I’ve been running my msiter cloner for two days now. I have to run it right next to where I sleep right now which I thought was going to be really annoying as it sounds like trickling water, almost like a brook though. The last two nights I have slept like a rock.

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Funny how things workout…lol


I love seeing how successful you guys are :slight_smile:

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That’s because we have you and Stoner as guides.


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No kidding. Those guys are books.