Any tips on how to pH large amounts of water?

Hi all… here the link to my grow journal.

I’m just coming to the close of week three since I dropped my germs in soil, on Aug 1.These girls are still so tiny.

During seedling I had my lights turned all thew way down and turned them halfway up a few days ago. Haven’t used any nutes yet. Watering lightly still. Thoughts?

Here’s my setup:
Strain and type: Sour diesel and blueberry - both autoflowers
Size of space (2x4x6)
Soil: FFOF with a core of FFHF for the seedlings
pH? Water is at 6, haven’t tested runoff yet
Nutrients: none yet
Temperature: Avg temp 74.6
Humidity: Avg RH 77.2%
Lights: HLG 260w xl qb
Ventilation system: 4" 106cpm
Dropped in soil: 8/1

Phosphoric acid in concentrated form will ph large amounts of water for ph down.
Baking soda for up.

That’s not to bad for 3 weeks it’s only about 3-4 days behind where’d I expect it( most likely due to that light being a bit low) they’ll bounce back just fine I’d recommend upping it to 20/4 or if you can spare it 24/0(just until preflower shows up) just to push them to veg a little harder

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Sorry, all. I got the wrong headline on this post! Asking about size, not pHing. Apparently I accidentally did a weird copy/paste. I don’t know.

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I figured it was since you didn’t mention ph once lol

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