Ph lowering measurements

I’m very new to growing. I ordered the beginner kit with white Widow seeds. I don’t have the correct measurements for lowering the Ph. What are the measurements in ounces?

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Could u please fill out the support ticket so everyone knows what kind of grow to help you

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Are you talking about in the soil or in your water?
There’s no set amount of Ph Up or Down you have to use to adjust your water to the correct Ph. Every water source is different and it depends on other factors like the nutes you use.
Thats why you need a Ph pen to take readings of your water. Then you adjust whichever way you need to go and check again. You do this till you get in range.
Soil is a whole different beast and is slower to react. If the soil is between 6.0 -7.0 i wouldn’t stress it. As you run the adjusted solution through it it will eventually come down. But it will also rise again naturally. If the soil is way out of whack the only way I know how to adjust it is to run Ph balanced water through it en masse and force it into range quicker than the regular feedings will do.
I’m sure there are organic ways to do it, but that would be done in the prep stage as organics are slow acting.

Those girls look like they need some nitrogen, bad.
And those peat pots aren’t really ideal. They’re natural, but will effect the Ph where a bag or pot won’t and they also have a tendency to leach water from the soil short-changing the roots.

Don’t OD the plants, but they could use a quarter to half dose of food.

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Hi, @LadyJayne welcome, im a new grower too, just made it thru my 1st harvest thanks to all these fabulous, nice people here . Everyone is here to help best they can. Fill out those questions & watch the beautiful answers pour in :grinning: .

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Like @Tylersays said.

Welcome. Your soil looks “Thick” or “heavy” (maybe soil needs more aeration component).

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have you decided how you are going to feed your plants. Liquid or dry? Organic or not? Also the soil you will be using?
@Tylersays has you covered and is a great resource.
PH and TDS are pens are necessary or indoor growing. They have a wide $$ range. I use a Apera PH20 pen. It isn’t the least expensive but is accurate and long lived. Two years and counting. I upgraded from my cheapo. It worked but SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw.
I used a Bluelab conductivity pen. Fast and accurate.
I used a 1 ml eyedropper to measure and dispense pH + -. This morning for example I started with 14L of tap water (private well). PH starts at 7.8 - 8.0 and PPM around 200. After I add my nutrients (Jack’s 321) and Bloom City silica boost and advanced nutrients Voodoo Juice (microbes) the solution’s PH and PPM was 7.4 and 1130 respectively. I added 3 ml plus a few drops of AN PH down which brought it down 5.9 and 1150. 5.8 - 6.0 is my target range because I am growing in coco.
If I want to decrease the parts per million I add more water - either tap or distilled / RO. The recheck and adjust PH as necessary.
Ask away. We are here to help if we can. Use the @ in front of the name to tag someone specifically like I did with Tyler. The @ notifies that person directly.
Good luck and feed your girls.


Hi @LadyJayne welcome to the Class!! See how there’s a gap between your pot and the soil? What’s your watering regimen? That’s a sign of I think dehydrated soil. It’s shrinking/pulling back. That’s a part of your issue if I had to guess.

Those paper cups dry fast in open air and never disintegrate fast.

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I am going to start new, with different pots, same organic potting soil and the nutrients. I will make the ph down water 6.0 reading.

Soil needs aeration.