Any help with this? I cant figure out whats the problem

Hi everyone!
I got this bruce banner #3 auto, its 7 days of flowering and im noticing this very lil burnt tips and this curl leaf. Whats the problem? Can be the light too close to the plant?
Thank you guys!
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Bruce Banner #3 from monster genetics
Biobizz light mix soil
Im using big bloom and tiger bloom from FoxFarm (1.5ml each fert for 1L water)
Led light
Temp between 23/25C
Humidity between 49-62%
Ventilation yes, I can’t say the size

With the this one you can clearly see the curl and burnt tips
Thank you!

I really need the actual plug wattage of light.

I suspect nute burn based on the limited information on the light. I don’t see where you use either a PH or TDS meter but advise getting one and using them. Apera, Bluelab and others make a decent unit.

You don’t use this like you are doing. You need all three base nutes, a current published grow schedule and need to follow that. You are only giving some of the nutes the plant needs. Soil is likely depleted by now. If using FF nutes you will also need to flush periodically.

The reason I need light wattage is to determine if you have decent plant metabolism which affects everything else.

First of all thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it.

I’m using a 150W light. First week I used a very week light so I bought this one and it seems like it’s doing great.

About the fert, I’m using them that way by suggestion of someone here, I don’t remember where. Btw, I used big grow and big bloom together during veg and now I’m using big bloom and tiger bloom for flowering. I’m giving her only water for 3 days, then fert, then 3 days of water… I think that’s how it works.
Have suggestion on how should I use the fert?

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Use all three per published schedule and mix to a specific TDS or PPM. Autos don’t like to be fed heavily, FF nutes build up salts requiring frequent flushes; all of which means you need to be using a TDS meter. I can show you how.

I’d really appreciate it if you can show me how to do that. Meanwhile, tomorrow I’ll go buy the tds meter!
So you think my plant is doing that because of the fert and not because of the light?

It could be a combination of both. Here’s the deal:

lights drive the whole plant’s life processes. Less light means less nutrient uptake and less ability to use. Salts build up in substrate and end up burning plants.

You want to keep your supplements (not fertilizer–that’s different) after mixing to be around 800 ppm at the most.

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All right, so I’l flush for 3/4 days and I’ll move the light a bit higher!
Thank you so much man, I really appreciate.

please let me know too!

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Happy to. It’s not hard.