Am I Close to Harvest

Planted on 2/15
Flip 12/12 on 3/18

This Saturday will be 10 weeks since flip. I can see the pistils are turning mostly amber, but the trichrome appear to still be clear.

I am using my iPhone camera, so I am not sure if I am getting the best pic for what I am needing.

How much longer should I let it go, since it is high cbd / low thc strain? Is there a way I can tell when I am at max CBD or max THC levels?

Also, should I keep feeding nutrients till harvest or move to just water?

Sorry if images not that good, hands kind of shaky due to AI issues kicking in.

Thanks for your help



You still have a little time left but your getting close


I grow a lot of Harlequin and with high CBD you want to harvest when trichs are cloudy but before amber. In fact 90% cloudy with 10% clear is better than 90% cloudy with 10% amber.


Is this when the CBD is considered higher?


I am like a kid waiting for Santa.


We’ve all been there… nothing better than reaping the benefits of something you grew


yes, once amber begins on the flowers then CBD is in decline
That video is very informative.

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Thanks, that helped a lot. Will my iPhone camera show the trichrome good enough or do I need a stronger magnifying glass?

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A digital microscope that is compatible with your iphone would be ideal

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Thanks for this, never would have though of that.

Great advice I second that!!

I bought some high CBD feminized hemp seeds. First plant I grew was a monster. Two of the family, including me, don’t tolerate THC no matter the myths of “yours must have been laced when you first tried it, or it was harvested too early, or no one hallucinates on MJ”.

I am the one hit wonder no how long it is been cured. I know my grows are not harvested too early, or laced with anything. I have tried and just finally said not for me.

I wish I could experience what most of you do instead of paranoia and hallucinations. Some of us are just wired differently.


You are not alone. A single calyx from a leaf node and I’m good to go. My wife is on the other end of the spectrum. No matter how much she uses there is no effect.