Like a Kid Waiting on Santa... Am I Ready Yet?

Started 2/15
12/12 flip 3/18, so a little past 11 weeks

I am having issues still seeing for myself, but think I am close. I can see the changes from day to day in the trichrome (especially since I got the usb microscope), but cant tell if they are done or I need more time.

Thanks again for all your help and hope everyone has a good week


Are you wanting it for the CBD, of so harvest before any amber shows up.
If you want it to be more THC leaning then wait till a little amber shows. CBD degrades quickly once amber arrives.

Note: Just for myself, I harvest Harlequin when its 90% cloudy and 10% clear. I do this because I mix it with other strains like Northern Lights to mellow the buzz out with the added CBD.

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Thank you, I would like a little more on the THC end I guess, because I am looking for a body buzz for pain and just be generally relaxed and in a good mood. Be able to focus on things.

Which I understand that Harlequin is perfect for, I just am not sure when to harvest to maximize those effects.

I have read that it takes 60ish days in flower before I can harvest, other sites have said it could take as long as 16 weeks to harvest. Example, ILGM shows 8-9 weeks flowering time for their Harlequin seeds (i got them here) and I am just trying to figure it all out.

Once I do harvest, I am going to snap pictures for next time that way I have a sample to adjust based on how I like this grow.

Thanks for all your help and info


Try this,
Harvest the top colas when you have about 10% amber on the flowers, not the leaves.
Let the lower buds age for a couple weeks longer till you get 20 or 30% amber and then harvest those. Then you can compare the result and see which you prefer.
Easy as pie.


I honestly never thought of that. I tend to over analyze and make things way more complicated than they need to be. Thanks for the recommendation.