Am I Good or Should I Wait Another Week

12/12 on 3/18 , so about 11 weeks from flip

If it is ready, would I benefit any to add another week or two for CBD/THC to maximize or is it already max and any longer causes degrading. Some have said that it would be better to have 90% cloudy with 10% clear while others have mentioned having 10% - 20% amber.

So, I am trying to decide which would be better for pain and C-PTSD/depression. I know CBD is for the pain, but not sure how much it does for the PTSD/depression.

If I need better pics, please let me know.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend


If you want peak high go for 90% cloudy and 10% amber. If you want more of a couchlock feeling and getting sleepy then go for more amber.

You wont be able to tell if they’re ready or not without a loupe or a microscope. More zoomed in pics will help determine when to chop.


I just ordered one and will update pics when it arrives.



Pretty buds what strain is that? Are you looking for a uplifted high

Beautiful flowers, nice work. :blush::v:

Updated images with my new microscope I got from Amazon. Hopefully, they will be good enough to see where I am at. Took a few tries, because I get shaky trying to take a good and steady pic.

This is Harlequin strain and the first time I have ever grown anything, so I am amazed at what I ended up with. As far as the high, I am looking for kind of a mix of body buzz for pain and just to be calm, relaxed and in a good mood. Be able to focus on things.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I am already planning my next grow and I think a different strain like Zen or Cannatonic.


That’s a nice strain sounds like what your looking for. There’s high level of cbd but still plenty of sativa. The trichomes I would go milky and some amber. A easier way to get good pics with the microscope is get a cheap micro phone stand works pretty good it’s difficult to hold the micropscope and get a decent pic.

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Awesome, thanks for the idea.

What strain is that and how much longer?


Green Crack that was harvested in December.

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Harlequin is a CBD strain correct? Is it’s CBD, you will want to harvest earlier then you would a THC strain. Normally CBD you don’t want any amber and just cloudy and clear.

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Yeah, it is a high CBD strain. I got the seeds from ILGM and it says up to 7% THC and 10-15% CBD.

Maybe you can answer a question for me. At present state, does my plant have both CBD and THC and I am waiting to get optimum or will the THC come in when the trichrome are amber and it then depends on how much THC wanted by how much amber I get? Does that make sense?

I hate to ask a stupid question, but I am trying to understand the growth / strain process I guess.

Are these pics close enough and better quality? Based on these new pics can anyone tell if I am good to go or should wait another week?

Thanks for all your help