Am I a Fun Guy?

Ok, horrible pun, but I’m feeling sad bc I think this lady may have a fungus. I tried watering to about 20% runoff but it looks like the initial growth tip wilt has progressed. Give thanks for any wisdom.

Strain: Bag seed
Soil in pot
Collected rainwater
Location: Southern Caribbean

Pictures to follow.

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that looks really sad

@DivChem @Bulldognuts any other names and they can help

I know.:pensive: The rest of my garden looks fine, so I was thinking it may be root bound, but I kinda wanted to use the pots to avoid the chickens.

Root bound and fungus are two different issues. What do you have for drainage in the pot? Thos plastic pots usually require extra holes to be put in. The good news is that plastic pots are pretty easy to transplant from.


I wasn’t sure what the problem was, if she had a fungus or was root bound or something else. The drainage seems to be ok - I have about 6 casinos holes in the bottom of the pot. I ended up flushing her and she appears to be back to normal so far, so we’ll see.:pray:t3: thank you

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