Roots growing out the bottom of my 5 gallon pots

I need some advice. My feminized White Widow and Gold Leaf plants are about 59 days old since they’ve sprouted. I transplanted them into 5 gallon pots at about 30 days old because they quickly outgrew their little pots. But now it looks like the roots are starting to grow out the drainage holes in the bottom. Am I at risk of them becoming root bound or is this natural? Do I need to transplant them? I had planned for them to live the rest of their lives in these 5 gallon pots and am concerned about how much bigger they need to be (I’ve got 6 plants total). At what point do I need to start worrying? Any and all help is appreciated!

Roots tend to grow to the bottom of the pots first. When they hit solid boundaries they start wrapping around it. Yours found a loophole, lol. It’ll be fine. They’ll air proon themselves.


Thank you so much for responding! So you don’t think they’re at risk of being root bound? Being root bound can be detrimental, right?

Depends on how big they get. Are you indoor or outdoor?

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If they’re photo plants you may want to bump up to 7gal or bigger. But they don’t look root bound. The hole would be all white with roots


Alright so you think I may need to transplant at some point but for now they’re ok?

If the plant looks healthy you’re good to go.


Well actually, I’ve got another post going here:

(Looks like you already found it Bobbydigital lol)
I’ve got various spots and stuff that I’m trying to make sure aren’t signs of a health problem. I don’t know if these could be related to roots at all

I’ve used 5 gallon and 7.5 gallon and they both did the same thing as you mentioned. They both turned out fine.I was growing outside on those. Now I’m on my second grow, this time I’m growing inside. I love knowing when they will be finished growing. They are not as tall but just as many blooms and they are beautiful. Not having to fight bugs is good too.

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Hey there, thank you for letting me know! That’s good to hear. At the moment, I’m not in the right living situation to grow indoors. But I will soon and I’m anxious to try it!

roots are a sign of a healthy plant…no problem unless totally clogs the drainage.

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