Lone survivor please help

Hey guys I have only one girl left and she was looking good until this morning. She is a white widow in miracle grow potting mix and some of you said to get them out of that soil so I bought happy frog but my question is…if she is in miracle grow and just has been watered, can I transplant her into a bigger container with happy frog? But first I need to know what is going on with her, could it be that her roots are bound up?

Not sure without seeing it but definitely transplant

Sorry I just posted pic.

Can I take her out of the miracle grow and put her straight into the happy frog

I would it will help stabilize the nutrients.

So transplant and add just water

Yes I would

Ok, but what do I do if the roots are bound up

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They will need a bigger pot.

Transplant into a bigger pot and don’t disturb the roots. Next time you water make sure you water to runoff as well. It will help flush any build up out of the soil

Ill admit i could be wrong but to me it looks like a combination of over water and too much nutrients. I pereonally like using 3 gallon grow bags and ive gotten up to 4 ouces in the end just off one plany . Im only stating s opinion but me personally u may not be root bound. BUT who knows maybe im wrong. But i do however agree and learned it the harf way but the bigger the pot the bugger the plant could be. And i say could instead. But if urs nit very tall or branchy then my opinion is no, its not rootbound

Thank all of you for the suggestions and/or opinions. I did transplant into a bigger pot and all new non miracle grow soil and watered lightly. Her roots were in a bunch/ball so I tapped them lightly to remove excess cluster and free roots a little. So I am praying this works.