Alien Bulb growing on top of flower

There is a weird round bulb growing on top of one my flowers. Its sour diesel fem. Only this flower has a bulb on it fhe rest of them do not. Any ideas on what it could be? Maybe a very swollen calyx.

I ended up cutting it off and breaking it open. Looks kinda like an unripe fruit on the inside. It was sort of hard like a cantelope.

Im in week 8 of flowering and it popped up over night. Was not there yesturday and today it was.

Very strange.


Welcome to the community! I have no idea what that is. Gonna tag a few people so they will take a look.
@Borderryan22 @Graysin @GreenSnek @Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @Myfriendis410 @Nicky @kellydans @Caligurl any of you all know wtf that is?


That is a different. Can’t wait until you harvest and find out what is inside!

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It may have been an attempt at self-reproducing. Creating a seed rather than nanners (or perhaps as the result of nanners somewhere else?). I can’t say I’ve seen such a thing before so large, but definitely it appears to be swollen reproductive parts. The fact that it was hard leads me to believe seed development.


Yea thats what i thought it was a polinated pod they get twice as big as normal and get hard

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Could it have anything to do with all the light burn? Stress into hermi or something like that?

Welcome to the community. That is very interesting. I’m watching to see if anyone can identify it. :blush::v:

Welcome! May have been pollinated, which what you saw on the inside. Undeveloped seed.

Welcome to forum, some very pretty colors on your girls.

I tried looking for pollen sacks but didnt see anything that looked even remotely close on any flowers.

It’s just the one flower that had it.

I just started week 8 of flowering yesturday. ILGM said the sour deez flowers for 10 weeks. The tricomes are milky white to clear, no amber tricomes yet, maybe one or 2 here or there.

If it was pollination, do you all recommend i just flush and harvest now to prevent seeds from developing?

I dont think ot was polination. Your leaves are scortched and you have lotsa foxtailing going on. Screams light stress, which has been known to herm a plant. Which would explain the strange pod. Keep an eye out at all of the nodes and budsights for any pods they differ from bracts in a couple ways female bracts will have two red or white hairs (pistils) coming from them males kick out a seed pod. The shape of the female bract is cone shape vs the pod shaped counterpart. Couple visual illustrations to help with that. Look over your buds too nanners can come out of them, they look just like they sound.

Finally back your light off, use your hand as a guide. If you put your hand at canopy level for 30 seconds and it is too hot to hold it there, then its to hot for your plant. 18-24 inches pretty standard distance. Try somewhere in there. This should stop the foxtails also.

I could be wrong but I think this will help you be able to finish up. Want all your trichomes (on bud not on sugar leaf) to be as opaque as the bottom of this banger

Good luck and please keep us posted about what you decide to do.

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Appreciate the help!

well that’s unfortunate.

I did see another flower with a few small green pods growing on it. Nothing like the alien pod from before. I Broke it open and did see a fresh green seed inside of it. Already backed my lights off the top of the canopy. It was around 85-87 degrees with a laser thermometer aimed at the tallest bud befofe i did so. the air temperature in the tent never rose above 81

Now with a confirmed seed, what would give me the better harvest in terms or quality and effect in your opinion?

flushing and harvesting now? (1-2 weeks early)


waiting the 1-2 weeks to finishing ripening and living with the seeds?

Will the seeds be feminized?

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Sadly, no. The seeds may be viable but they will all be regular and prone to hermaphritism.

Thats a bummer. If it was me, I would harvest. As I understand it, once they start making seeds the energy for trichome production is much less then the energy used for seed production. She looks real close to being done anyhow. I dont have any experience in this issue. When that happens, I ask @Covertgrower Hey covert, should @neelnkp harvest the plant this thread is focused on?

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If they resulted from a female self-pollinating, then yes. I would not advise growing them because as @Docnraq said, they will be prone to herming due to the genetic trait being passed on to the seed

If they resulted from a male plant pollinating her, then no.

The close-up bud pic has what appears to be nanners on it - just one or two and frankly you’re so far into flower I’d probably just try to remove them carefully and let it do it’s thing til it’s done ripening.

Frankly you spent 8 weeks+ veg getting her this far. Will having to pick a few immature seeds out of your buds be a huge deterrent? It wouldn’t be enough of an inconvenience to make me undo that much time and energy unless I had other plants flowering in the same room but significantly further behind in development.

I.e. I’ll always throw a hermie out if it’s the first one in my litter to do it, but if I only have a few plants left and they’re all close to cooked, I’ll do my best to remove the offending bananas and let them finish up.

Red circle = suspected nanner
Blue circle = suspected seed forming

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im not really worried about picking seeds out, more worried about potency loss. If flowering them for another two weeks will maximize the potency then thats the preferred option. Ive just read that seeds reduce potency.

Red circle is actually where i pulled the green seed in the picture from.

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or would the potency stay the same and just the seed amount increase if i went another two weeks?


If she was pollinated early, she would spend her energy on making seeds. As it stands, the trichomes you’re after are largely already developed. It’s a matter now of allowing those trichomes to mature - rather than making them develop in the first place.

I won’t say she’s as potent as she coulda been, but she’ll get you absolutely super high. No reason to throw in the towel imo


This is where I stand. Based on foxtailing, and length of time flowering, there’s some weight to be gained, but not enough to make a huge difference. At this point potency would be degrading, waiting on more amber trichomes. My opinion is this plant could be harvested at any time.

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Lets hope the other 3 don’t show up

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I’m no one …but agree with this
I spent half my young life rifling through buds with seeds and the weed always got me high …
This late in the game it wouldn’t scare me unless there were other ladies around that were in early development

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