Need help plse i have pictures

My plant has a weird bubble on one of the areas where a bud is going to form not sure what it is can someone explain pls and i only see it on one

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@Chi looks like a seed. Can you maybe get a better pic in natural light? I will tags some experts over

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Donaldj @dbrn32


Okay ill try and get it to focus more

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I cant get a better pic my camera sux but i thought it was a seed but its a female plant thats y im confused

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You need a pic with the grow lights turned off. White or natural light please.

Is there a hair growing out of it? Doesn’t look like a banana? @Chi

Thanks for the tag @VelcroThumb

Could possibly be a seed pod…

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If female plants get too stressed they can turn hermaphrodite and produce seeds


Thank u guys ill try and get a better pic posted but its imposible to do it with natural light sry but its the only one and yes it does have hair comming out of it and its not a pod of them its just one about 2 to 3cm big not big but def bigger than the ones that i seen when the pestels started comming in


Should i just leave it be or should i b concerned is my bud at risk

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Do you have any males in the grow tent? How many plants do you have in the same area? @Chi

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I just have one im a biginner so i didnt want to take the risk of screwing too many up i think it might be a pollen sack not sure


Turn the flash on your camera on.

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@Chi I’m hoping it’s not a pollen sack either! I just went out to my tent and noticed some similar growths to yours! Mine have hairs coming out too. They look more tear drop shaped than banana shaped! Fingers crossed for us both!:crossed_fingers:

@chi use the @ symbol followed by specific user name to let us know when you respond! It makes it easier to get help! Like how I tagged Bob over. Just @bob31

@Chi, that’s a bud calyx. Whether it has a seed in it or not. You want those.


I agree…

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You got yourself a seed man

It’s not a seed… it’s a swollen calyxe… it’s female… :wink:

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Yep… I am whit @peachfuzz… That plant is just starting to flower so its impossible to make a seed now :+1::joy::wink: