Actual pot size results


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Harvest day today. Thanks SG for your reply! Happy smoking +

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You’re going to be proud of that grow, she looks delish! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They are I chopped 2 today. I hate to put wet weight. I care about what I end up with dried. Once this dries I will list what I ended with. On this post I was doing a comparison of what I get from standard 3-gal pots, 5-gal pot, and 7- Gal. Out of the two 3-gals so far one finished at 66 grams dry and the other was 68. So slightly over 2oz. So now I just need to see what the 5 and 7 hal will dry at. For wet weight I guess I can put it and come back with wet weight
5 gal- 495 grams wet
7 gal- 620 grams wet I jave them drying in the Cannatrol so 4 days from now I will know for sure!

Wet weight on the two 3-gal was 196 and 215.

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So after it’s all said and done, with this being an organic grow. I only watered up to week 2 of flower then added bud candy, Big bud and overdrive from weeks 3-8 in the order needed week to week. Average flower time for all 4 plants were between 10-11 weeks.

3 gal 66 grams
3 gal 68 grams
5 gal 190 grams
7 gal 146 grams

In my personal opinion, the 5 gal had the denser nugs, best structure and biggest nugs. Smoke is good with all! Winner is the 5gal. So I will be doing all my autos in 5 gal going forward.


After the trim!

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Hope everyone has been well. Remember the GG4 seeds I thought were autos. Well, they were not. So I’m glad I topped o e more time. But feels weird to say that I put this seed i. the ground last week of November and I’m on week 3 of flower. But I guess a lot of folks veg for a long time. But this is my first time going this long! Lol Well she has a slight issue and I believe I know what it is. But looking for confirmation. Like I said I thought it was an auto so I built my medium to accommodate. So being that its almos she month from where I should have harvested, I chose not to top feed but to instead use up the last of the feed I bought from Amazon. I think this is nutrient burn, definitely not nitrogen deficiency, and my lights are almost 4 to 5 feet away, so that takes out light burn and heat stress. So do I just do my next feeding with Ph’ed water? I also put her in a 20 gal from a 3 gal and she’s loving it.