Actual pot size results

Well technically plants supposed to go through at least 60 days of veg. Anything longer then that probably has to do with yields

These are all auto’s.

So I have never FIM an auto more than once. Since this plant wants to staiy in veg I topped 5 more time.

So looks like I have a week left due to personal preference on the two 3-gal GDP. I would say 2 weeks on the 5 gal and somewhere in that area with the 7-gal. I get weights for each an take final pictures before the chop.




Wish my GDP photo looked like that. Great grow buddy! Enjoy

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I tell you what. Having a Cannatrol put a different spin on test buds. While on the hold setting, I stuck a test budbin there for 5 days. It dried and didn’t taste like hay. Very impressive, with just 5 days holding. Best test bud I ever smokded!


GDP auto strain
Would you harvest now? Or give it 5 more days?

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Another week, like to see some more Amber in there. I’m kind of in the same spot right now need to get it done as soon as I can. But I want to wait and make sure she’s ready. What’s the plant look like?


2 different for now. Will be harvesting over the next 5 weeks😐


Posted more pictures under other topics. But will put final tally here once the all finish up. But yeah thoughts?

This one I am convinced it is not an auto I have topped on 3 different occasions and it’s thriving in veg for 13 weeks. So I will repot from a 3 gal to a 10 gal and let it continue to veg out. I think I will do some clones from it.

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Well I got 2 chopped 6 in late flower, one to flip. I have 2 GDP packing on a lot of new growth with 3 weekz minimum to go.

All look great and what I have chopped already finished drying in the Cannatrol and is on day one of cure. So I get to test smoke! I want to add both GDPs are at 8 weeks plus

That Straw, Nana in the back left tho. If that doesn’t giv me 600 grams. Wow what a plant. It was a free seed and after reading up on it, I heard it’s one of the strongest strains out there. I can’t wait. It’s a beautiful plant.


Almost done, a little less than 2-weeks. They are continuing to pack on new growth. Foxtails and new buds. But the plant itself without the new growth would still need a few more days.

Man look at the size of the popcorn buds

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I know someone may ask. Here are the trichomes.

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