A few wilting leaves

My plant is undergoing some select leaf wilting. It has only been one large fan leaf, and 5 or 6 small fan leaves growing under bud sights. She still has a lot of healthy leaves. I noticed this yesterday and plucked the wilting leaves.

This is an autoflower Sour Diesel grow in week six. It’s my first time with an autoflower. I grew her from a feminized seed bought here at ILGM. She’s in a 1 gallon pot. I did not split her, and the only training I did was to curve her main stock to expose lower bud sights. I have had her under a 45 watt LED array (Black Magic), Temps between 65 and 70 Fahrenheit (it’s winter here and difficult to keep her warmer than this in my available grow room). I have been checking the ph of my water and the runoff, and giving her Tiger Bloom nutes from Fox Farm every other feeding.

She seems healthy otherwise. Plenty of bud sights. The main cola is filling out nicely. No trichs yet. I decided to remove her from the company of the other plants in case it’s a disease.

Any thoughts? Anyone have similar problems? Can wilting be progressive or does it tend to happen all at once if it’s a fungal problem?

Almost looks under watered. What’s your watering schedule. How much and how often?