5 weeks in. transplant or not to transplant?

Hello, first time grower here.

My girls are now 5 weeks old and seem to be flourishing (you guys are a better judge than me). I started them out in 10" planters. I was wondering when I should transplant them into bigger pots and how big. Is leaving them in their current pots for the rest of their lives until harvest? The strain is Blue Haze from ILGM.

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They look great! But both should go to bigger containers with much more soil :sunglasses:


Cool. Right away? Or is there a perfect timing to transplanting?

Slide out the dirt ball from the pot, see if roots are at the edges looking for more space. A bigger soil reservoir moderates the temperature and moisture. But a bigger pot is harder to move. Consider topping soon if you want a bushy plant with more stalks.

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The younger the plant is the better but not before good roots have been established. You want to do it earlier though so that the lil plant has time to recover from transplanting.

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Got it. How about the size of the pots?

I’m assuming you’re growing ‘regular’ photoperiod strains and with those, the plant size is pretty much directly related to the container size. So the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant.

It looks like you’re growing on a patio or balcony? So you might want to keep them short and compact/bushy like @Budlite mentioned. You should research some methods on how to keep the plant from getting too tall while also increasing the yield. Methods like topping, fimming or low-stress training (LST). Autoflowering strains are also genetically designed to not get very big but they generall produce less weed. As for the pot size, I’d say you want at least 7 or 10 gallon containers.


Yea I’m looking into the methods now. Thank you guys!

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