2nd day of flower, wondering if I should transplant to larger pot

I wasn’t going to change anything, but just thinking about the roots and their space. Currently 3 gallon, about 7 weeks old. Amnesia Haze. I’ve grown these pots before, but have not done the SCROG correctly. This plant has way more foliage than any plant I’ve grown- which isn’t that many, but my concern is overall health than yield. Transplant or leave as is?

Thank you in advance. :guitar::+1:t3::green_heart:

Everything I have read suggests transplanting two weeks prior to flowering. Is this absolute?

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I would think youre more likely to lose yield when things go wrong trying to unscrog. Branches snapping and what have you. Id leave be

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Ok- I’ll leave it be. I’ve been having an internal argument all day about this, going back and forth. She seems fine, definitely don’t want to undo everything. I’ve been reading some posts about adding the larger pot underneath, sort of stacking, but that seems like something I don’t need to do here .

Thanks Glitch.

Don’t just take my word for it. Let some more seasoned pros chime in. It was just my opinion. Next grow check out fabric pots too. I use 5 for autos and 3 for photo. Probably going to switch autos to 3 gallon next grow and see what happens. The 5s are just too heavy for my old bones

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I would not mess with it. But I always use 5 gal fabric. I’m actually considering going to seven gallon pots. You should be good with the three. But I’m not an expert either, just my opinion.


You could absolutely still transplant it, only a couple days into flower means she’s just about to start stretching. So, if you’re going to, do it sooner rather than later, but won’t hurt anything. I also suggest fabric pots, they’re great for not over watering.

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Thanks everyone for all of the replies. I think I’m going to leave as is. I can really only grow one plant at a time with my light so if I do something to damage her, I’d definitely be bummed out.

I have been looking into fabric pots, seems like that’s the way to go. 5 gallon pots seem to be the favored size and not too expensive. Next time!! :green_heart:

Ok you can transplant into a bigger pot but it can send ur plant back to a veg state which isnt a bad thong it means ur plant may end up reveging and growing bigger which is good ,now this is ur decision whether or not you transplant ur plant all of us here can only give you our options on this i hope this helps you

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Just plan to get some 5gal cloth pots for next 1 and ride that girl till done in my opinion. She is healthy and happy. At this stage not a ton of real growth is going to occur. Some stretch but thats it. One reason i will not scrog anymore is cant just move them easy. If changing it is like getting a tomato plant out of a cage.


Leave it be. You don’t want any root shock while transitioning to flower, and you’re plenty big enough already.


Yes, that was my worry. As a newbie I killed 3 plants that way on my first outdoor try. That was two summers ago. Root shock, droop and die. The best way to learn is by making mistakes. I’ll post some pics in another thread. Thank you all for the advice! :green_heart::green_heart:

I’m running into that problem too. I’ll know for next time. I can’t really move anything around. I can’t gently lift to see who heavy she is. I also did not set up a proper way to bottom feed. Water that sits still breeds gnats, so that’s an extra worry.

I like the scrog technique for veg- so far. I think it worked well, I had very little, if any, stretching. Now 7 days into flower, she is starting to look very nice. :blush:

I would leave it be she seems pretty happy :slight_smile: ive grown alot of Amnesia Haze and she gets pretty tall every time my last autoflower was 10ft lol she tends to take a little longer than other strains too but absolutely worth the weight (ha couldnt help myself​:joy:). Happy Growing!

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Thank you! :green_heart: I’ve read that they take a little longer than other strains, thank you for chiming in! I’m patient. as an inexperienced grower, I feel like I’m always on the verge of some catastrophe. I bought my seeds here, I went with the big yield pack. I think I started with 30 seeds, I have two left. About 50% have matured into something beautiful. While very happy with the results, I don’t think I’ll buy that pack again. Or from here for that matter. These are auto-fems, I’d like to try some auto-flower.

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