Transplant from 3 gal fabric to 5 gal fabric

Hey guys question so i transplanted to 5 gal fabric pots a few mins ago my question is how long do it take to know if the transplant went well and not shocked it

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24 - 48 hours should give you a pretty good idea wether she’s happy or not.



Not long. A day. Mine never even wilt.


Welcome to the community , i’m sure they will be fine.


She’s gonna love her new home! Welcome to the community!


Thanks guys i never transplanted i only did because my roots was starting to poke out the bottom of the 3 gal pot and i see ppl say photos should grow in 5 gal these are my 1st photos i normally run autos

Most times they don’t show any stress, sometimes they do, don’t worry if she does end up a little sad looking for a week, she’ll bounce back.

Good move with the transplant!

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Thanks i just i did it right but i think i did tho

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