Fabric transplant

Has anyone done any fabric pot to fabric pot transplants? Does the plant transplant okay? Curious if its worth cutting up a 5 gallon plant to drop into a 10 or 15 gallon fabric pot just for fun. Anyone have pictures of plant size comparisons? Will bud density stay the same in a bigger pot? Thank you in advance

5 gallon fabric pot should be plenty. I can do 12 zips of flower in a 3 gallon with coco.


I’ve seen @Arrow do fabric transplants, but he’s got pots that have Velcro on the side to open them up. That was under different circumstances. I’m with @Myfriendis410 alot of plants are grown in five gallon pots with great results.

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If you’re growing outside I’d say yeah, cut the 5gal off and pop it into a 15. Big pots=Big plants.

Indoors, as it’s been said already there no need
To go bigger already are.

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