Too small of of pot can I transplant?

So my blueberry haze is outgrown her 1/5 gal pot but she in flower I kno I shouldn’t transplant but has anyone had any success transplanting during flower

Is it an auto? If so you may need to ride her out in the pot she’s in. They’ll still produce. Check out the solo cup challenge thread where plants are grown from seed to harvest in solo cups.


Yea she auto an yea I have heard of the solo cup challenge, n yea I figured she have to ride it out… So far so good

Yeah, just ride it out. Her clock is already ticking and wouldn’t want to stunt her now. If you have other plants going you could experiment and see what happens. She may not mind

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I actually do I have her with a blueberrylemon in flower an a northern lights in floweer

She is in the back on right blueberry haze I.L.G.M auto .

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Oh yeah, let her go. May need to be watered more often. But I’m confused, you said 1/5 gallon pot. 1/5th gallon is not much larger than a solo cup. That pot looks at least a gallon or 2.

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1.5 I meant sorry… Still that solo cup challenge I checked it out looks cool to try

I jus notice some roots this morning coming thru top soil

It’s pretty cool. I ran one in a solo as a side project. Obviously not huge yield ( 1/2 oz in my case) but a good way to test strains on the side while your other plants are going.

1.5 gal makes more sense. You’ll just have to keep up with watering as she’s going to go dry pretty quickly compared to your 5 gal plant.

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Signs of a vigorous plant. They’ll air prune themselves.

That’s cool. I’m jus lil upset with all the small popcorn buds using a so molasses water to help giv more energy

She’s young still and from the pic it looks like she’s going to stack up nicely

@BobbyDigital Surprisingly she holds pretty well

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Some of the lower branches may popcorn since the main one is so dominant but she’s going to produce well

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Yea she is 6 weeks I believe from sprout

6 weeks? Damn! I’m still vegging at that point

Yea this autoflower … I jus got gold leaf fem I waiting on my dirt :slight_smile:

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Oh you’re going to love gold leaf. Big yielder and amazing smoke.

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Yea I wanted this for over month n kept getting side tracked with autoflower seeds now I’m moving up. N yea I seen some pics I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Should I stick with 5 gal or use my 7 gal with the fem