5 day updated on first ever grow


Decent start, so far so good.

The big one in the front everyone is going on 3 weeks and the 3 others are 2 weeks and the little one is a photo and it is a week (WHAT DOES EVERYONE THINK!!! )

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Thanks so I have them in fox farm do you think I should wait a month tell I start feeding them oh and there I 5 gallon fabric pots

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I can tell by the pipe cleaners already set up you will be doing lst.

Yes that’s my plan iv started but just slightly bending

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Generally they say wait 4 weeks but I actually needed to wait a little longer due to not really saturating my soil during watering so there was still a lot of nutrients still in the soil. I started at about 6 weeks. But each situation is different when you start watering to runoff just check your numbers.

Ok I have a bluelab ppm stick but I still dont know what I need to do do I water them so much that the water is coming out the bottom and test that

Correct that is what you do that water is celled.

That water is called the runoff.