420 sale question

I noticed that none of the seeds included in the 420 deal are autoflowers, is this by design or did I just miss it somewhere?

The White Widow auto is on sale

I am wondering if the strains will change during the sales event. Its two full weeks til 4 20 and theres only 7 strains added to the usual 10 plus 10 deals.
Check back as this is usually one of the bigger sales during the year.

The wording of this announcement leads me to believe more is to come.


I hope ILGM does a “two-for sale”. Multiple strains of 2 seeds each (5x2) ON SALE
Don’t need 20, but a varied inventory would be nice.


I and others i know for a fact would love if ilgm offered any other sales besides 10 for 10 alot of people like verity and 20 seeds of 1 strain is what keeps me away from every sale unless im doing a pheno hunt i dont want that many of 1 strain just like anything verity is the spice of life


The white widow auto is almost always for sale…

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I agree…Id like it if I could do 10 auto 10 photo or 10 blueberry and 10 GDP. Bought 20 Bruce Banner almost a year ago…tired of smoking same strain. Its the exact reason I ordered seedsman last time I orderd.
@ILGM.Support or @ILGM.Jerry can you comment on this topic? And also consider opening up the order freedom discussed in this post?


Don’t worry…thats a big no. Growers have asked for that type of variety where you don’t
have 20 seeds of the same strain.

Its been a No-go since I have been a member. I know one strain I wouldn’t care if I had 100 seeds of that strain and I would be content…Green Crack. Love how is focuses my mind.


Yeah a nice mix pack sale would be great, even if they made a special 420 mix packs
25 seeds 5 seeds of each really good 5 strains
50 pack with 5 or 10 seeds of each strain at a great price.

I don’t want 20 of one seed, I hardly want 10 of one seed tbh…

I guess we could just order multiple mix packs to get the same result but a sale on the mix packs would be great


I’d gladly pay 50% more for 6 strains instead of 3.

Actually, best deal ever would be 5 seeds of your choice of 6 strains for $250 or whatever.


This is exactly where i dont get why its such a problem for them they are ALL about customer support and take alot of our ideas into consideration but i feel like they would make more sales and gain more business if they could just simply implement this in there has to be certain reasons why they haven’t already especially when they know how alot of customers feel about this topic

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Autoflower are always more expensive

I don’t think there is usually any difference in price autos vs fem when on sale for both versions


Too bad we couldn’t order them then split our seeds with each other. Or do split orderes on here. Be a lot cooler if they did :sunglasses:. Say 4 of us on the forum wanted to purchase like 4 different 20 pack strains then split them 4 ways.


Ilgm has 5 WW autos for $89 that’s more than any fems I have ever purchased

Perhaps, they still have deals on them…its 420, im looking for a deal. If they dont have one its n9t like they are the only vendor on the internet. They are my prefered vendor, which is why im asking.

I dont think thats correct.

Oh it would be nice if they did. On one hand I see why they don’t but on the opposite side, it makes no sense to make customers unhappy.

This has been mentioned many times. Its just how it is. I am still looking for different CBD strains and unfortunately I don’t like ILGM limited choices.

I only smoke due to Medical reasons from PTSD all the way to severe spinal damage. Pain management is paramount to me.


You answered your own question then.

Yeah it is what it is lol thats i wont hold my breath on it haha 1 reason i started to explore other banks and breeders tho id absolutely love if ilgm would do a build your own mix pack say for like a premium price of around 200 bones but be able to pick your 3 strains cause thats all ive ever bought from here is the mix packs its the best bang for your buck compared to buying 1 strain only

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