Pricey? Not really

Greets, been growing indoor for personal use for many years and have purchased from several seed vendors over that time. Your products look very much in line with most other reputable seed providers but what concerns me a bit is the cost of your product compared to the others. It certainly seems much higher for the same or similar products and this is what prevents me from purchasing your products more than anything. Have you considered lowering your prices to be more inline with your competitors? I must admit that you have a impressive and easy to filter website which is very nice. But the cost of your seeds? hmmm
With all due respect of course,

Hmm, interesting, I’ve had the opposite experience. I found this site to have some of the least expensive prices around the net, it is part of the reason why I stuck around.

I just looked at one of the other sites that I frequent and pulled up some pricing for comparison. This will not prevent me from coming to IGM for many of my interest as I like them very much too but at this time I will continue to purchase seeds elsewhere unless IGM prices become more competitive of course. I will not post the site that I got this info from in order to be fare to IGM but if you wish to know then you can contact me private.

White Widow
Northern Light
5 seeds + 10 assorted freebies $34.45

Regular seeds
Aurora Indica
10 seeds $27.56

Blue Mystic
5 seeds +10 assorted freebies $34.45
Jock Horror
5 seeds + 10 assorted freebies $41.34<span style=“color: blue;”> </span> :wink:

How much is shipping and what kind of guarantee?

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I would like to say to you; Thanks for asking why our genetics cost a bit more…

  1. Our genetics comes from one of the finest seed banks in Amsterdam. Growers and geneticists with over 20 years of prosperity in the production of high quality Marijuana.

  2. ILGM is not a forum that sells seeds for breeders. It is a support forum for our genetics. :slight_smile:

  3. When you but from ILGM; You get a fast and easy transaction; Fast shipping; A guarantee of quality, and support from start to finish. We are here to make sure that you get and can successfully grow our genetics.

  4. Our nutrients are the 1st to be offered as Marijuana nutrients. Period.

ILGM is constantly experimenting with all things of concern to Marijuana growers. This is what we do. We are not a forum of games and politics; We are here to support the growing of high quality Marijuana,

These are the reasin you should but from ILGM. Peace :smiley:

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I bought lots of seeds from this site. Good price and good quality. I tried others and didn’t get the same quality compare with this site.

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Not only the seeds but I also purchased the grow booster from here and can attest that it is first rate. I love this site and will continue buying my products from here.

I do like the prices here and discrete free shipping is very good.So far all fems,no hermes,and 100% germination and all sprouts flourished.Strains were consistent also.
The support is great here also.So far I have not seen any support like here on ILGM.

I would try the nutes here but it doesn’t there isn’t any info on the NPK ratios,how big are the bottles,etc…Are they a liter,2 liters,and how many teaspoons per 5 gallons???
I just prfer to know what levels of NPK is feeding my plants.

Hi Ed, I’ll post a pic here to give you an idea of size. But google marijuana booster and it will bring you right to Dennis’s site and tell you about the booster and it’s testimonials. The NPK ratio, in that order is: grow 20-5-4, bud 5-15-4, thc 2-4-15.

My first plant, a white widow,(I had killed 4 prior to this one) had nute burn twice, really bad lighting at first, and just all around poor care and judgement on my part. The fact that it’s still alive and actually thriving is a testament to these nutes. Also I think it’s a very forgiving plant, not to mention I finally have the lighting worked out. IMO their worth every cent. I am going to do a comparison after my next grow as those are going to be Roberts own gold leaf and I want them to be the best they can be. I will say that I will be adding a root growth mycorrhizal additive to the regimen when I start. Probably the great white root growth I’ve read about. And smart pots this time. I’m rambling so I’ll just end by saying read Dennis’s site and it will tell you how much there is. Also this product was made specifically for marijuana so that to me means a lot. And it does come stealth. Good luck.

Latewood, that was well put and to the point. I have been to many forums and this is the only one I will come back to. I buy everything I need for my grow right here enough said!


Latewood or Stoner…Question; I just was wounding why it takes so long to here from you fokes cause sometimes its 24 hr or so before we hear anything. Don’t get me wrong now…I love this place and won’t go to any other forum and i’em sure the time zone don’t help.
I’em sure there is good reason…and also cause if someone were to have a serious problem your answer may come to late.


Ed I forgot to mention that Claire put up a post on the support page: plant care/nutrients- (something like) How to use Booster Nutrient System. Or close to that anyway. You’ll see it when you go there. Great stuff. I’m following her advise posted there. Hope that helps.

Everybody doesn’t have the same schedule or even the same time zone. And I’ll bet it’s not a paying gig. 24 hours is not bad.

I understand Thank you


Thanks Mikea,
How much do you add to 5 gallons of water?

What I’ve been adding is 5 milliliters per gal myself and their loving it. The actual is 1 mill to 1 liter but you can go up. Read what Claire posted on the thread I mentioned. It’s also under nutrients in that same topic. And I read your post about paper bags and drying your buds. Can you read that and get back to me? That was under another thread Claire started. Thanks

Ed here’s a few pics of the girls. The front of course is the white widow, it’s in its 5th week. The 2 in back are the og kushes and their in the 3rd week. Those buds are going to be monsters. The w/w as I said I’m just grateful it’s still alive, especially after yesterday. I’m sure they’ll fatten quite a bit more but they could be so much better if I had done a better job in the beginning. I’m using nothing but the marijuana booster for the nutes and I’m very happy with what I see so far. I’ll post some pics when their finished and give the weights. I will be ordering more that’s for sure. Anyway here they are.

Your plants look awesome Mikea. Glade your plant is still with you. What week are you into flowering your 5th. My 20 W.W ladies are just finishing their 3rd week of veg about 12 to 14 inches tall and nice and green.


Thanks Will. Their about the middle of the 5th week. The soil ph is off on all 3 right now. I’ve got some lime ordered as everyone in my town is out until next year. The ph on all 3 is 4.7 to 4.9. Once I get that corrected I’m hoping they’ll do even better. The white widow though I’ll take what I can get and be very happy with it. And thanks very much for your help yesterday. It was very much appreciated. I’m sure your girls are doing much better than mine. It’s my first time growing anything and I’m living and learning for sure.

You are very welcome. This is what the forum is all about helping each other when we can.
I just noticed last night the very tips of some of my ladies are turning yellow and Stoner thinks it maybe nutrient burn starting in so i’em going to flush them starting today and when finished flushing i’ll just cut back 50% on the nutrents I would say we all have our proplems…lol


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