What makes your seeds better from others?

I’ve been doing my research on seeds and noticed you guys have pretty high prices… before I buy I’d like to know I’m getting my money’s worth. So what searates you guys from the other guys?

ILGM Genetics are from Amsterdam. Need I say more? ILGM is pne of the 1st sites to claim that all their genetics, and nutrients are of the highest quality; And, formulated for growing the highest quality Marijuana.

Read the testimonials, and posts on the forum; You will find many satisfied clients. Germination is quick and vibrant :slight_smile:

Not to mention the warranty and service to get you up a growing a healthy happy plant or bunch of plants, we got the whole package. You get a whole lot for what you pay for.

I’m a customer, what I got was well worth the money. Didn’t take long to get here. Germinated very nicely. And these guys have experience and can help every step of the way.

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My seeds came to the eastern US in less than a week.

I took advantage of the White Widow special offer here and got 10 feminized seeds for literally only a few cents more that I could have got 5 of the same seeds from somewhere else once I factored in the roughly $10 shipping (€8) the other vendor charges on all their orders.

I didn’t have to think too hard to figured out which was the better deal for me!

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Ditto for sure. I am a very satisfied first time customer. I am happy and I have only used 3 of my many seeds and intend on purchasing again. Enough said. Thanks.

On behalf of ILGM, We cannot say this enough; THANK YOU! Love to all.

I am a new customer within the last 8 months and have purchased 4 times. There is no better service, seed and guarantee in the business. I tried two other seed banks and got boned twice, I even had some delivery problems that ILGM stood by and fixed. Their support is top notch, I have used it and they are the best and give reliable, top notch advice. I don’t work for ILGM but am sure glad I found them. As a new grower and medical patient I cant be happier with their sales and support. Thanks ILGM

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There is something about giving full support from the time of the sale all the way to harvest. It does tend to endear you to some. :slight_smile: I like working here. Great Customers!


Most seed shops are like brokers, they buy the seeds and then re-sell them to you. They don’t care what you are after, but direct from the breeder, don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work this out.

I ordered 3 White Widow fem seeds late last spring. It was my first try growing outside. The seeds arrived within 10 days to where I live in VA. I planted all three in potting mix and they germinated within 4 days! It was awesome. I’m having trouble receiving my seeds this year. I ordered the 5, get 5 free, deal on the WW fem and Super Silver Haze on February 2nd. Still have not received my seeds. ILGM has been great about responding to my inquiries regarding when the seeds might arrive. They have advised me to wait another 3 weeks and then contact them again. I sure hope if they are going to replace my seeds and send me another batch that they do it soon. After the great results I had last year, I’m a little frustrated with this turn of events.

Having said that … I think ILGM is a great source for seeds and information! Love the Bible and refer to it often.

Keep up the good work!

20 SSH seeds, ended up 15, & 6 different phenotypes. the only one I was halfway impressed with wasn’t a big producer, far cry from a stabilized strain, I call that a crap shoot! simular results with the other 3 strains I tried. if I purchase again, I will shop somewhere else

Hi Northernlite,

I’m sorry to read about this! Can you please get in contact with us (include your order number please) so we can help you out on this?
Just follow this link: https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/pages/contact-ilgm


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@Northernlite reading your post made me sneeze a lot, I must be allergic to something within it…
let’s say hypothetical(which in my experience and several others isn’t the case) ILGM seeds have a 50% chance of being healthy meaning with 20 seeds 10seeds should be healthy and worst case scenario if ALL else fails 3 healthy seeds…but you my friend not only claim to have 20unimpressive seeds but had similar results with 3 other strain…you now see what I might be allergic to?
According to your story, you would have gotten better odds with a crap shoot…so why not just stick to that because maybe growing just isn’t your thing.
In the service we have a saying, when things go wrong it rarely is the equipments fault but usually always operators error.
So grower error maybe?
I am not the best grower nor do I have a green thumb infact I once killed an entire lawn of grass by over watering, never even could grow a Lima bean in school but yet this being my first grow, I ordered 5 chocolope seeds, tried to germinate all 5 seeds because I expected myself to kill 4, I ended up losing 1 seed(dogs), 1 did not germinate and now I have 3 healthy plants.
What I recommend is read the ILGM grow bible, create a grow journal, ask lots of questions and maybe you will have better success.


@Skylives07 seeins how you’re talking about something you admittingly know nothing about, why are you talking at all? btw I didn’t say they weren’t healthy, just unimpressive!

@Northernlite you my friend are absolutely right which is why I am having better luck with my seeds than you’ve had with your several “malfunctioning” seeds and your expert ways. Just sharing from a grower to the next.

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me too! thanks for sharing @Skylives07

Slow response time with automated messages. Very disappointed with company. No call number

I don’t work for the company, but thought I’d see if there might be some questions I might be able to answer? @Ashevillesmoker

Its cool I went with another company. Payment just takes way to long to
process; 4 days to tell me its denied twice in a row. Also they only send
automated messages to me which made it too frustrating. Appreciate the
message though. If they had done what you just did I would have kept trying.