What to buy next?

I’m looking for suggestions on strains from ILGM. I have autoflower seeds, and I am thrilled to be growing again (and legally this time) but I feel like I’m missing out on part of the experience by using the autoflowers. I think we’re getting close to the time of year when I’m not going to want seeds in the mail, I assume freezing can ruin the seeds, and the overnight temps in the area are already in the mid-30’s.

So, I need to decide if I want another shipment, I probably won’t be able to order again until April or so. I have plenty of seeds to get through the winter, but they are all autoflower.

So, what is your favorite strong strain? I’ll add on some of the goldleaf to the order for a lower/moderate TCH strength, and I’d like something strong to go with it.

I’m thinking about the “Chemical Mix” 5 each of “LSD” “Chemdawg” and “Green Crack”
Alternatively, I’m thinking about “Banana Kush” because it has the highest THC estimate I have seen in their inventory at 27%.

Or maybe you have a better recommendation.

Also, how do the sales work here? 1 per month? Every holiday? I missed the last one because of indecision.


I wouldn’t worry about that. ILGM guarantees delivery and germination.

Gold leaf is worth buying, although we don’t know exactly what lineage it has. It sounds like you’re buying.

It really depends on the effect you’re after. I’d recommend buying 20packs as opposed to smaller ones if you’re hunting for mother plants. Even if you aren’t, I’d still rather have 20 seeds of one variety than 20 seeds of 20 varieties. Not every seed is going to produce stellar examples of the varietal.

Sales are pretty constant, but you’re gonna wait a long time if you’re watching for something specific other than White Widow or Super Silver Haze.


Several things:

Don’t worry about freezing conditions: won’t hurt em a bit. @Covertgrower did a BHO extraction (liquid butane) with some seeded flower then recovered the seeds and germinated a bunch of em. Worked fine and they were in frozen butane lol.

I’ve gotten that Chemical Mix and haven’t gotten into any of them but Skywalker, Bruce Banner, LSD, Gold Leaf and a ton of others are high in THC. Frankly; anything over 20% is stupid strong and likely won’t know the difference. Aroma and overall effects are really more important.

Sales are based on different holiday events so look at Thanksgiving (maybe Hallowe’en) for your next sale.

Photoperiod plants IMO are easier to control and certainly allow for growing out larger plants than can normally be done with autos. Potency can be a bit higher as well although less of an issue than years ago.


I did, only had one fail out of 5. Could have been a bad seed. It did sprout, and had the dicotyledons but never advanced past that.
In fact the solo cup grow that recently posted is one of those seeds.


Everyone’s chemistry is different, so everyone has a different terpene profile.
Maui Wowie
Fire OG
Super Lemon Haze

Have all been a staple in my tent since I started growing.

Pretty much some national holiday, except on 4/20 that’s an extra cool one. :wink:


I had some skunks that was doing the same

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Yup…we all react differently. I have a stupid high tolerance to all things. Including morphine. No idea why. So if I had said Strain #1 give me a 30 minute high and you may get a 3 hour high off the same amount of bud smoked. :+1::+1::+1:


Yeah, those 20 seed deals are great, and what I’m really looking for. If there wasn’t going to be a sale for a while, and the cold weather would affect the seeds I was going to go for a variety pack to do a little sampling, and get more of my favorite in the spring. It’s still kind of rolling the dice on a 20 pack though since I don’t know which I would want. I guess that’s why I’m looking for recommendations. Maybe each of you have a personal favorite, but I’m looking for the common theme, which ones are generally on everyone’s favorite list. Funny you mention the white widow, I bought that most recently because there wasn’t a sale going on and it was buy 10 get 10. I wasn’t interested because it’s lower on the THC scale but I bought it because it has over 1000 positive reviews, playing the odds.

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So, I’m thinking of placing an order, and I’m going to get a couple sample packs. I can’t decide what I want based on the descriptions without trying so I’m going in blind regardless.

I can grow 4 plants at a time, so once I get through each plant in my current batch, I’ll try one of the new ones. I have a few of the varieties that I’m thinking of in autoflower form, but I think I want to try the non-autoflower version anyway.

It will take me through next summer before I even get a chance to sample everything since I need to harvest one of the first 4 that I can plant the 5th or 6th seed in the batch, and I can grow a couple more of whatever my favorite is from the first batch outdoors next summer.

Once I figure out which my favorite strain is from this order, I can then buy a 20 pack of next summer. But I really don’t want to randomly choose the strain I buy 20 of in case it’s just not for me.

What I’m thinking of is the “Super Mix” and the “Hero Mix”

I end up with
5 Gorilla Glue
5 Girlscout cookies extreme
5 Skywalker OG
5 Black Widow
10 Bruce Banner

and ultimately, I’d like something that hits hard with “couchlock” - I have insomnia and medical mj helps me sleep and also something more “cerebral” that doesn’t make me really tired

The Bruce Banner was on my short list to get a 20 pack of, so I don’t mind that it’s in both multipacks. The high THC content influenced me to pick each of these, but I suppose I don’t need both multipacks to be high THC, so if you have one you would suggest I substitute, or if you have a favorite strain that isn’t represented, please let me know.

Maybe I should still get that Chemical mix with LSD, Chemdawg, and Green Crack

Then which would you pick?
Super - Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, and Bruce Banner
Hero - Bruce Banner, Skywalker og, Black widow

The super is what I would choose.

Yeah, I ended up ordering the Super and the Hero, now I wait a week for the seeds, and then 4 months to sample. fml

Don’t believe you could’ve went wrong but that is my next pack to purchase .

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Well damn, 3 of the strains I wanted that got me to buy the mix packs just went on sale 20 for 10.

Bruce Banner, Black Widow and GSC extreme

I got 10 Bruce Banner, so I don’t want more of that.

Anyone have good experience with Black Widow? I ordered that one because of rumors of couch lock, and I need something for sleep.

Otherwise Gelato is on sale, but it’s only 20% THC anyone have good things to say about that strain?

Not even sure why I want to buy more, but I have a hard time passing up a deal.

Any personal reviews on Chronic Widow?

I think Black Widow is the one. Seems perfect for indoor grows. I’m a little worried some of the other strains I picked, like Bruce Banner, will be too tall for my basement grow room. This one seems strong, flowers quickly, and only gets 3 feet tall. Seems like a solid staple for indoor growing, I saw some complaints about the seeds popping, but I’ve already had a good experience replacing seeds from ILGM, so I’m not worried about that.

There is obviously something wrong with my brain that I am ordering more seeds. But after this round, I will be prepared in case Covid-19 prevents mail from being delivered for the next 2-5 years or until the seeds go bad.