10x10 seed offer

This might be answered elsewhere in this forum, but I cant find it. If I were to order Jack Herer seeds on the buy 10 get 10 free, can I have the other 10 of a different strain?


I don’t believe that’s the way it works. They do have decent deals on mix packs…


@oldmarine is correct. It must be same strain.


With only growing a couple of plants a year for personal use, that would make for an affordable alternative. I grow outdoors and have limited strains the can flourish here, so the multipacks don’t work for me. If they had an uplifting trio that I can grow in upstate n.y. I would probably buy it.

They have a sativa mix pack

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@traveler05 do some research on these strains to see if they might work for you for a spring/summer grow.

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Thanks GrimJack, my only problem with the mixed packs is I need mold resistant plants if possible. Maybe in the future we will be able to mix our own strains at the reduced price offered at this time. Its tough for a small time grower to mix it up without spending money only to store the seeds for future use.


I hear you. I grow for myself alone as well, so I’m in the same boat. I have enough seeds to last me a couple of years. Not sure if you are looking for fems or auto’s, but if you go to the menu on the left when shopping seeds and expand “climate” you can select “mold resistant” and at least that should give you a good idea on what strains to look at. I think they have 20 fems and like 10 autos that show up. :call_me_hand:


Thanks, being fairly new to the grow scene Im sowly getting the hang of it thanks to you guys and your help.

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20 of same strain, like you, I only grow a few plants a year and ILGM’s 10+10 isn’t really a deal to me. I would like to see them offer the smaller packs . . . I still have 14 Banana Kush seeds, been in the little baggie 6+ months now and they aren’t on my grow schedule again at this point.
I like ILGM’s genetics, service and selection, hate that 5 pack is smallest and least affordable.
I don’t know ILGM’s marketing strategy behind it but the result for me was to seek a bank offering smaller packs. Last order I got 21 seeds/8 strains for about $20 more than I paid for the 20 Banana Kush seeds . . . better deal for me as the extra BK’s will likely never be germinated.


Thanks for that reply, as I couldn’t have stayed it better. Great seed bank, just would like to see a little more versatility.


I think being offered in 5, 10, and 20 is pretty convenient. Especially with availability and discounts on mix packs of 5. Most of the other seeds I’ve purchased were only available in packages of 10-15. I’m aware of a few places that sell in very small quantities, but never see anything that i actually want in that quantity. The seeds keep well when stored properly too, so doesn’t really bother me to have a few more than I need.


It would be REALLY cool if they had a mix and match pack, where you choose the strains. But I digress, I’m happy to pay a premium to support this incredible service/community :smiley:


Yes but the point I was making is when growing outside in a less than desirable climate I have to choose carefully for a desired strain. Inside growers have better control and can take advantage of the offered matchings. I would love a pairing of sativa blend mold resistant seeds. Maybe a mix for outside growers? Just thinking out loud, love the feedback.

Send ILGM an email. It may be something they would setup or they may not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. They enjoy feedback from customers because it allows them the chance to potentially reach new buyers or people that are looking for exactly what you are trying to find. I would imagine they created the mixpacks that they currently have over time for people with other goals, but wanted variety as well. But i would reach out. Worse thing they can say is no.

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I wish I could get my seeds here but ilgm won’t ship to me in the UK​:rage::joy::joy:

What mostvof us northerners do to grow outside is start auto plants as early as possible outside. For me this is around mothers day. The autos will typically transition a few weeks to a monthis earlier than photo plants and finish up before we get into typically wet fall season.

Not telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t, but moderators have seen this request enough times that we asked for it. With the way the orders are processed and packaged it’s not currently something that they can do.


I have used other banks. Not ILGM…YET. All seeds forward will be here. I believe volume allows variety. This being an American outfit with super fast shipping I have been steering friends here. The bigger ILGM gets the more we can request.


I love ILGM and have ordered from them many times. They ship US orders from within the US, but the company is based in the Netherlands, not America. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that - they have a big jump on American breeders honestly, though it’s gone pretty global at this point anyway.
There are American Seed banks, but ILGM isn’t one of them.
Still a GREAT company with killer genetics and I have zero complaints about any I’ve grown so far. I have a good 6-8 ILGM strains and plan to add more when I lift my self-imposed moratorium on buying more beans! :rofl:


@Tylersays i stand corrected. But American distibution center rox. I “ASSUMED” because shipping speed was U.S. based. Netherlands been doing grows forever. Good place for quality seeds. Seedsman and others take 2 months sometimes to get here.