32 X 32 tent questions

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Been lurking here for a while - great posts, wonderful help, decent folk! I’ve read the thread but still need advice for my 32 X 32 inch tent. How many 5 gal pots can I light? Will a 4" fan work okay? Will a VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 give enough light to flower in that space? I’m starting with a strain called Hash Plant. (How could I resist!) So wish me luck!



Good luck in your grow.


I would grow one in a 32x32 tent, but people crowd plants in so I might be in the minority.


A 5 gallon smart pot has a diameter of 12", you will need a14" saucer under it. So four 5 gallon pots will physically fit. 3 gallon will more than likely be better suited for the size of plant you can grow.
I have a 3x3x7’ tent and usually have 4 plants in 5 gallon fabric pots. I currently have 5 1/2 plants in three gallon pots in the tent. Here is the happy family. the 1/2 plant is center left.

I use a lot of LST to keep them relatively compact and not spread out. The plant count totally depends on the grow style, pruning and training. You can grow one large plant or 20 in a sea of green application.
Growing photos or autos also makes a difference.


I have a 32”x32” tent. I generally run 2 plants through flower under a 150watt led. I use a 4” 205cfm exhaust with filter and have no real space issues. I train my plants to be pretty wide in 3 gallon pots. This grow I’ll have 6 in veg in 1 gallon pots over the next 6-8 weeks. If I get 4 females out of the 6, 2 will be sent to a friend for his outdoor and I’ll keep 2 in the tent and run them in 5 gallons with an HLG 260 watt led. I’m not familiar with your lighting choice specifically, but if I can do it with a 150 watt then you should do just fine with a 240 watt as long as you keep their height in check.


I am confused. HLG 260 is 260 watts and you have a 150W light you use in flower?


Welcome to the community ! 4in exhaust fan will work fine. 3x3 space you can grow one big plant or a couple average size plants. And it all comes down to growing techniques I like to spread my plants out to get better light penetration and air flow, by pulling and spreading the limbs out. Good luck with your grow.

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You’ve helped with some decisions, but as usual, it seems there is less consensus on lighting.

Someone said the goal is 50 watts / sq ft? 32x32 = 7+ sq ft = 350 watts from the wall?

So far, my budget has some slack,($200-$300) and I thought I’d spend it on more light.

This will be my first grow, so I will us the same tent, and light, seed to harvest, and wonder what lights I should look at?


Thanks! My thought was to sprout maybe 5 of my 10 seeds, cull the weakest at first transplant. If I still have any plants after final transplant, maybe cull again before switching to flower. I’m really afraid of killing the sprouts, I want to have backups at each stage!

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Your setup looks great! When you LST, do you bend toward the center, closer to the light, or away from center?

I’m mostly afraid that I will kill a plant, and not have any to continue with! So I think I will start with 4 pots, 3 gal, and only repot the best. Does that sound reasonable, if conservative?

HLG 260 v2 R-Spec would be a good choice light for your 3 by 3 space. With Discount code would be a little over 300 . Code (dude) sounds like you have a good plan getting started. It’s easy to start more seeds than you have room to finish plants.

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2 5 gal for photo or 3 3gal for autos and your light will be great it’s more efficient than my hlg I grow in a 30x30 closet


Yeah. Sorry for the confusion. Was on little sleep pant night. I’m purchasing the HLG this week.

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I do very little LST after I flip to 12/12. The form and shape is pretty much set by the 7th or 8th week. If I do get some run away growth I will bend it toward where ever there is space. Light distribution covers the entire tent. It goes where ever it doesn’t interfere with another plant / bud.
These plants are strong and bending stems is usually not an issue. It has more to do with timing.
This is an example. I was practicing super cropping this plant.

This is it 5 weeks later

This is an odd ball plant. It was an extra from a single colas SOG grow. I didn’t want to throw it out so I put it in the tent and did a little “what happens if I do this?”.


Finishing my 1st run in a 3x3x6 with a California light works 200w, 1 plant in a 7 gallon pot. Wasn’t sure if I could get 1 plant to fill the tent, it didn’t with my skills so smaller/higher quantity on the next go.
HLG 260w mentioned above will be here in a day or so for the next run with 4 plants in 3 gallon pots.
Didn’t catch if you bought the fan yet or not but I’m running a Vortex S Line 6" around 50% most of the time but there have been times when the tent was getting more humid than the lung room and 100% power dropped it within minutes. I would prefer to have more cfm than needed and run at less than 100% speed most of the time and have the extra flow if needed… based on this last grow in a humid winter season.

Next time the tent opens, it’s getting chopped.


Are you going to use soil or soilless medium?

No, I haven’t bought the fan. My thinking is for my 2.3 X 2.3 foot tent, 5.25 feet tall, gives me about 27 cubic feet. The fan I’m looking at moves 190 cu ft / min. That leaves power for bends, filters, and maybe lower speeds.

Your 3 x 3 foot tent standing 6 ft tall contains about 54 cu ft. So I hope that my tent is smaller enough to be okay with a strong 4" fan.

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Planning on potting soil, with nutes.

Better off going soilless if you’re going to water with nutrients.

So much to learn…

Is soilless like coco stuff? Or does it include the Fox Farm type products as well?