Tent size question for a very novice individual

Is a 33x32x63 tent decent size for 2 plants? I have everything seperately saved in my cart on Amazon as apposed to buying as a kit, recently dropped the led lights from my cart as I ha e read the QB lights are where it’s at, just going to be piecing the tent together one piece at a time as I read more and more about this hobby.


Check my grow brother that’s what I just did.


Thank you will do.

Mine is a 31×31×60. And have 3 , I will be doing 3 again, I dont know how to link my journal yet, I’m new here too. Very Intrested in you qb light selection for That tent! Been seeing alot of info on here and a few light gurus to help out…good luck on your journey.

Thank you, is there a prebuilt Qb light is the question ,

Yes there is u can get the pre assembled.


Thank you

This is another members 36" x 36" tent. He’s had more in there too.

Not exactly about how many plants you can get in there but how big the plants are.

dbrn32 IS the man to ask about led lighting.


Welcome to ILGM! :v:

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thank you all for the tips so far


DankGunslinger dou by chance have a link or lit of the tent items you used?

would a 5gallon felt pot be a good size as an all in one so I don’t have to repot? after I have the seedling going in their starters I put those straight to the pot I believe, or would hydro be the way to go right off the bat? and thing about possibly going to a 4x4 tent even though I am staying with two plants top. last question for this reply would be is there a certain(easy)way to watch nutrients ect not growing to sell or looking for anything great just wanting to have something to alleviate chronic pain for a loved one.

this should be good for a single plant and could start one at a time in the 4x4 and move up later or would that tent be too big for one plant?

4x4x7 with a 1000 watt light source will easily handle 4 medium sized plants or 3 big busy ones.
Start to finish…

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Thank you,

@dbrn32 @DankGunslinger
Is there an all in one light from seedling to harvest and @DankGunslinger could you please link your grow for the life of me I cannot find it


:+1: glad to help


For a 3’x3’ tent? Best bang for your buck in my opinion is right here