Its about the light and tent

As a beginner i am trying to buy this tent iPower 31"x32"x63" Mylar Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Observation Window and Removable Floor Tray for Plants Seedling, Propagation, Blossom : Patio, Lawn & Garden. 31x32x63 size. 2.5x2.5x5ft. I bought 2 clay pots of one is 5 gallon and another one is 3 gallon claypot. I have 3 seeds. 1 is green crack, gorilla glue another one is northern light. I will be growing the green crack on the 5 gallon pot and dwelling upon growing northern or gg4 first. But it will be put on the 3 gallon tanks. So my question here is will my 5 gallon pot and 3 gallon pot both fit together on the tent. And whats the perfect light for them in that tent? I am very low on budget. But so far these lights have caught my eyes. VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED Grow Light with Daisy Chain Function, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Actual Power 130 Watt ( It says its 300w replacable light although its truely 130 watt.

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Hello. I would suggest you fet a few 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots. Cannibis does bettrr cuz less problems with overwatering. With that lite u can grow 1 plant. Not the best. Does tent come with exhaust and fans? There are some better lites out there.


That tent isnt the biggest by any means but will get the job done. Typically my plants get about 2x2 in width by late flower. And thats with a fair amount of training. To grow two in that size, ull have to keep them contained and from denying the other some light.

5 ft also isnt a ton of height. Especially when you consider…
Light height: usually around a foot or so from the roof minimally. Plus u need distance from light…
Bucket/Pot size: about a foot from the ground.

That only leaves you around 2 feet of growable space. Which is enough but something to be mindful of.

Final tidbit, clay pots are so 1990s. Lol ive definitely used them and plastic pots. But fabrics are CHEAP and worth their weight in gold. Probably the cheapest upgrade that causes noticable yield increase.

In terms of per dollar importance
Pots (fabric)
Lights (most expensive, yet biggest difference maker bar none)
Meters (pH and ppm)


@samiballer, if this will be your first grow. My advice to you is simple.
Order a complete tent kit from AC Infinity. Then order Roots Original soil and the three parts for Jacks 321 from growgreenmi dot com. That is about all that would be needed for foolproof start, with quality equipment that won’t break the bank.


Agree with all advice given above the light your looking at is 130 watts that is enough for 1 plant


If you can spend a little more money for a light Amazon has the Mars hydro TS 1000 on sale for $109 much better light than the one your looking at.

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I love your enthusiasm to get started. I have a couple questions. Are you limited to that size tent? A 4x4 x80 is the smallest i would consider so plants have room to spread out and light height usually not an issue. Also the light… if limited by budget i get it. There are some way better lights for a little more. If your able then get the better equipment the payback is worth it. If not and you have to go w the setup youve mentioned then i would grow 1 plant with ok results than 3 plants with poor quality results. I did the same to start and then was unhappy with the loose, weak buds produced.