2nd alcohol wash when making tincture?

Does anyone do a second wash with either Gold or Green Dragon? I’ve searched High and low, and can’t seem to locate any data concerning extraction percentages for a first, second, or even third wash. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Well, I don’t make tinctures. I evaporate all the way down to wax. The first run is quick and I will sometimes use that for dabs. The second and third runs I use for edibles (usually wash 2 is for stuff I make for other people and third is only for me since it’s not as pure). Each time you wash, you extract more plant material and chlorophyl.

Here’s my concentrates journal but I’ve changed my methods as time goes by which should all be in the journal, just in newer posts.

A second wash with fresh alcohol will give you increased yield
I use Psychadelic Sam’s method of decarb at 240f (115c) for 40 minutes
Freeze alcohol and decarbed flower for 24 hours
Combine alcohol and cannabis and shake for 5 minutes
Put everything back in the freezer for 2 hours
Remove and shake another 5 minutes
Strain the tincture and return the material to the jar or whatever you used and cover with fresh alcohol
Shake another 5 minutes and strain into the first batch
Sam did some lab results and the second wash yielded 50% increase in cannabinoids

He has recently passed but leaves a huge body of work that is worth reading

This is the last page of the thread
Lots of great info
I make my own infused oil and simple syrup

This is an early rough video of my filtering and may have some reference to making the tincture


Thanks to both. I bought a Source Turbo, and recover nearly all alcohol from the tincture. I use the remainder to make butter/oil, and the taste of resulting products is far better. Since I’m not losing much of the EC 190, 2nd or third washes are more practical, and I’ve been learning to grow for 3 years, so I’m not paying dispensary pricing for the bud. I guess my concern would be that if I extracted 75% or more the first wash, I’m not sure I’d spend the time to try a second for an addition 10-15%. But a 50% additional recovery is worth it. Back to my lab. Thanks.