2 weeks in to flowering

Outdoor first time growing plant on a 12/12 schedule… We’re i live theirs no way to get flowering fertilizer what can I give the plant

?? any home made fertilizer that would help during flowering stage??

Sorry. Would love to help, but you gave me absolutely no info to build off of. :frowning:
Why can’t you get proper fertilizer?

What I’m trying to say is that I can’t find the type of nutrient specially for marijuana plants out here what I have is bat guano and I’ve been feeding banana tea with molasses

Bat guano is a good bloom booster and the molasses helps to feed beneficial microbials, boosts the plant’s ability to process nitrogen and increases their energy level.

I’m think what latewood and it are confused about is your reference to not being able to find the type of nutrient specially for marijuana plants. If you are looking for a product that claims to be formulated for Marijuana, stop looking, you will not find any sold in stores. Robert Bergman has a fertilizer program that contains nutrients for every stage of Marijuana growth for under a hundred bucks. Here’s a link: Buy Marijuana Fertilizers - Bergman's Plant Food >> ILGM

Also, I would highly recommend spending a little spare time and read about nutrients:

Here is an article on the best and most popular fertilizers for marijuana. There are some links in this article that you’ll probably find interesting:

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Any Tomato formula nutrient or fertilizer will do.

If you want to build your own soil, I suggest you google and read some recip[es 1st. Here is a breif recipe.
Sterile dirt.
sphagnum p[eat mos

Read up on what Bat Guana does
Read up on what Fish emulsion does.
Read up on what Worm castings do.

Amy compost that specifically says it can be used as a potting soil is generally real good.

After you do a little research, come back with a plan and we will guide you in the right direction.

Ok tomorrow il be getting some tomato formula and aproxamtly how long does the flower period last ??

Flowering generally will last between 7-9 weeks. In general sativas take longer than indicas.

One thing to add. Some land race Sativa can take 12-14 weeks. It all depends on the strain. I also have found that Veg time is proportionate to finish time. i.e.; The plant will finish faster if it is vegged a shorter amount of time. If you veg a plant the full 2 months as Recommended, (but variable), The plant will take longer to finish than a plant vegged for 1 month.

Ok thanks for the info here she looks at this point