Fertilizers use in every stage

**Hello guys,I have those liquid fertilizers bottles: (40-10-10) (10-40-40) ( cal-mag ) ( micronutrients ) ( seaweed extract ) can anyone tell me how can i use all of them during the stages of growing ?!! Thank you in advance :green_heart: **

It sounds like you’re trying to use something that’s not meant for cannabis on cannabis. Is there a reason you’re going this route? What grow medium are you using?

There are cannabis-specific formulas for many nutrient lines. And there are numerous proven soil recipes for growing cannabis.


Can you tell us who makes them or any additional information? I would like to try and find out what each bottle has in it if possible.

A lot of our members come from parts of the world that any fertilizer can be hard to come by, let alone something designed for use with cannabis. I suspect this may be an issue where op is.


Hey dear , im using peat moss mixed with potting soil ( half peat moss half potting soil ) and yes those bottle are designed for tomatoes because in my country there is no cannabis fertilizer !

I found that you can buy biobizz fertilizer on amazon (if you put .com aftet amazon it will force the US amazon store with all its products, same for .fr .de etc) specifically made for cannabis, i also dont live somewhere where the cannabis market is very legal (France).

im not sure about france… but usualy even if cannabis or its active components are scheduled as illegal you are still able to buy most of the growing equipment as it is not illegal!!!
Canna, has a good eco line, biobizz is good too…

if you want to run with that you have 40.10.10 is during veg. 10.40.40 during flower. calmag can be added every watering. dont know about the other two…
as no one has experience with that you are on your own. if you try it, at first feed half the recomended amount, if you see deficiencies up the dose little by little until you find the sweet spot… this means alot of experimentig and close observation in order to spot any nutrient relatet issues…
id say not for a beginner, but rather interessting…