1st true leaves turned yellow

Hi, im 1st time grower, I have 1 seedling, few weeks old, why are the bottom leaves turned yellow, I only water when dry, I use rain water. I alternate watering on left and right, ph stick says 6.5. , its in Whitney’s Farm organic & natural seed starting mix. Led light is 33 inches away. Temp 74.


It’s getting hungry, time to start giving it nutes.


Welcome to the community ,nice seedling Also time To transplant into cannabis friendly soil. She will take out quickly. Good luck

Seedlings don’t need much. I don’t feed for a few weeks, but then they go into good soil. A few more weeks and they start getting nutrients and seed starting mix won’t get it…

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Will these soil mix well for this stage til final stage & should I just move her into the 5 gallon cloth pot

Should I remove the yellow leaves? And what nuts do I give it

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Will these leaves recover or do I need to clip them @TokerGuy . Im going to transplant tomorrow in better soil, they are in seed starter soil right now. 3weeks old

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I would give it a feeding of nutrients but i would only mix 1-1.5 mls of nutrients in water

Yes clip the yellow leaves, they aren’t needed now anyway.


Yeah you can pinch off the yellow leaves, and if you transplant into that super soil then probably don’t need any nutes for a while but eventually you will.

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This is my soil mix.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

My seedlings and rooted clones go into this in quart sized bags. They are good for their first month or so. When I transplant, I amend the soil with Happy Frog dry amendments. Then I top dress every month at half strength with the occasional tea.

Actually, I just pop the quart bag into the new pot. Roots will grow through the bag.

@Hellraiser @RicWrench @dirtydave @BayKush . Thank you so much all!! I’m learning so much. I know I get ahead of myself, but im so excited to do all this. I have chickens, a small pond with gold fish, many home resources to work with in the future, as of now I ordered Great white notes, cal mag plus, I also started a meal worm farm , eventually I will have my own castings I think. I catch rain water in a 250gallon container for chickens and plants, I heard the great white will help make the transplant go well, that should come tomorrow, hopefully my little girl can hold on til then, I will clip the yellow leaves off today, I will clean scissors well before using


If you can collect that chicken manure it would be an excellent resource.

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I agree, I’ve heard its super hot, so during this coming year I’m gonna start a composting pile for it


Definitely. They look good. Just cut those yellows. Clean and tight.