1st grow autoflower zskittles harvest time? Day 94 today

So this girl has been from seed to soil and today marks day 94 overall. I think she’s about ready to be harvested but not 100% sure. The trichomes are cloudy but not many are amber if any. I have a jewelers loop n a cheap microscope and the only amber trichomes I see are on the sugar leaves and not the bud itself. Also some pistils are still mainly white. Here’s some pics. Any input would be much appreciated. Don’t wanna waste the last 3-4 months by harvesting too early but it’s def past it’s due date according to this site and the 8 weeks of flower.


The dates given by seed companies are just general estimates. Several factors can determine how long any grow will go before they are ready. Your girls are getting close. With the white pistils and no amber showing I believe you have at least 2 weeks before they will be ready. Ultimately let trichs determine when you harvest.


I agree: you have a couple of weeks or so to go.

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Thanks for the info. I was kinda thinking I had a little more time. I did stress her early on by accident whe. I was doing some lst and accidentally snapped the main stalk. She bounced back nicely but I prolly lost a couple weeks. Just thought with an autoflower when it’s done it’s done regardless of timeframe. I’ve been checking trichomes daily and while they keep clouding up still no amber yet so figured this was my best find to find a true answer.

Another question then. I started to do a slow flush on her 2 weeks ago. I was watering just ph water and about 2 gallons for a 5 gallon pot. I was planning on harvest this week so I flushed her good on Tuesday to bring her ppms down to about 125. Do I continue to flush if I have another couple weeks left or start feeding nutes again? Cause if I wait another 10 days to 2 weeks she will be flushing for about a month then.

I would say give it at least one more watering with nutrients or maybe just a few light waterings with nutrients and then a week of flushing

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I’d feed her at next watering to keep away the yellow death and then go back to water only for a couple weeks til time to chop.


But definitely go light seeing as she is near her end

What he said!


We’re about a day apart and my Zittlez look like this.

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Ok. Sounds good. I have been feeding the fox farm trio so I was thinking of doing half of what’s recommended since I’m gonna chop soon then just to prevent the yellow death. Haha. I’ll just keep checking daily for the trichomes to slowly start turning amber. I don’t want much amber but some would be good cause i plan on using this to help me sleep at night.

Those look good also! I had a few hiccups early on with accidentally breaking her main stalk so I’m sure I lost a couple weeks of growth and that’s why it’s taking so long. It’ll be over 100 days from seed to soil by the time I harvest.

Thanks , I appreciate it.

Yours also looks a lot more filled out. Your sugar leaves are becoming dwarfed by the buds. Mine don’t seem to be doing that. I’m using a Marshydro TS600 so I’m not sure if it’s the light or something I did as to why they aren’t big fat buds. I’d say mine are decent. I’m happy with it for my first grow. Maybe grew out too many colas and thought a lot of the bottom buds would get light (they didn’t) so that could also be why my main colas aren’t stacked. This is the full plant.
What all did u grow with?


Fox Farm Trio and regular potting soil.

It’s a great strain for small areas I have a small tent 100cm by 40cm and it suits perfect…