Zkittle auto ready?

Hey all, first grow, outside.
These are week 9 zkittle auto. Week 9from germ.

Pictures are inside because there was a monsoon like rain here and I didn’t want to worry about that.
I did the best I could with my jewler loupe, but I know quality isn’t the best. I’m starting to see what I think are lots of cloudy trichomes, but I’m not sure. Seems way early to harvest, but that short one is the size of a Costco vitamin bottle at the main cola.
I’m really looking for some guidance or thoughts on if they are ready or will be soon.
Any feedback is appreciated!!
(Sorry if there is too many pictures, just trying to give as much images as I can)

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Couple more weeks still have white pistols but she will swell for ya

That’s what I was thinking, but never seen the trichome stuff before. Thank you!

No problem but looks good though

Thanks, been 100+ everyday for a month, have been super worried about them. That and the genetic difference, kept thinking one of them was “wrong”

Yeah i noticed that with autos they go how and when they want

If they fatten up, should I tie them up? The lower ones are pretty extended out…

You should be ok im growing same right now its not the best but do alot of projects

A friend gave it to me like 4 weeks ago so im trying to keep it going

Looks good to me! What is that one?

Zkittlez auto

Pulled this out from one

of the cures this is ice cream cake photoperiod.


Nice, way better than mine are looking. Either that or I’m not even close to harvest time.

These are exactly 60 days old… I think they have another 10-14 days