Flowering time for zkittlez auto

The nutrient schedule I’m using has five, well six counting the flush, periods of different nutrients for flowering. Basically early, mid, two different late, ripen then flush. The days you use the different mixes is broken down differently based on how long flowering takes. There’s 7, 9 and 10-11 weeks.

ILGM website says flowering in 10-14 weeks. I presume that’s from seed, not the flowering period. I was thinking flowering should take around 8 weeks. Anyone grown zkittlez auto and have an idea of how long flowering takes? Even an estimate for autos in general would help. I’d trust a grower’s experience over anything I could find online.

Every time I think I’m starting to get it figured out I find something else I don’t know. Lol. Worst case I’d just split the difference and use the 9 week schedule. I’m used to just letting them go until the first frost is about to hit. I’ve never really thought about how many weeks it took to flower.

I’m sure one of you guys can point me in the right direction though. Thanks in advance for the help. Also, happy Independence Day to everyone in the USA. Hope all of us will be enjoying friends, family, fireworks, a cookout and a nice smoke tomorrow or Monday. We’re celebrating it tomorrow night.


I grew a zkittles auto last year and I believe it was right at 14 weeks from sprout. Flowered about 10 weeks. Nice fat, short buds. Like fruity smelling pyramids.


Hello @Outlaw
Happy 4th
So I have ran a Zkittlez Auto from ILMG and from seed to harvest was 96 days for me. I’m gonna go back and tag ya to see my grow.
I was in coco, first time .
without the help from guys on here I probably would have lost them.

Woodrow Zkittlez Auto harvest


The grower lists their experience in a commercial setting with percise maintained environmeng by a pro, with pro gear. For most of us this should be considered a loose time frame.

That almost always means 10-14 weeks after flowering begins.

If its total weeks it will read 10-14 weeks from seed. Might even say 10-14 weeks seed to harvest.


@Docnraq @Woodrow @HMGRWN thank you for your replies. Now I can count the days and make notes on my calendar when to change the nutes. I’ll definitely take a look at that journal right now.

Seems like theres a bit of deceptive advertising when it comes to autos. Some sites make it seem like you go from seed to harvest in eight weeks. TBH I hope they’ll flower as long as possible if the buds keep getting bigger. :grin:

The further I go along the more respect I have for you guys that do this all the time. Can’t put a price on all that knowledge from your experience. I’m just glad so many of you help us noobs as we learn. So thanks again and I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I progress. Wish I’d spent more time figuring out this forum at the start and did a grow journal. I was around three weeks in before I figured out how to post a picture. Always next time though.

@Woodrow I looked at it again, but I already read that whole thread. Saw the blue gravels part and I got that deja Vu feeling. I was thinking about getting some gravel from outside and putting it on top of the Coco to keep it from moving.

If my end result is anywhere near your result I’ll be happy. Those were some good looking ladies.

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Sweet seeds offers a couple auto’s that are 8 weeks seed to harvest, but most autos go kinda like this.
1 week germ
1 week seedling
2-3 weeks veg
7-10 days transition to flower (stretch)
8-10+ weeks flower
Harvest at desired trichome maturation.

Its not exact though its a guide vs a timeline.


I have only been growing since Feb of last year. I have had plants going since, no breaks!

Its easy once you start doing ot over and over and over again

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That seems to be a big selling point sometimes. I guess technically you could harvest something bud-like in that timeframe, but I wouldn’t want to smoke it…

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It wouldnt taste as good, fruits gotta be ripe right!!


If things go according to plan I’ll keep plants going all year. Already trying to figure out what to grow next and haven’t even harvested a single plant indoor. So far I’m liking the autos just fine. I’ve LST’d the hell out of em. Can’t wait to see what the stalks look like after I harvest.

I’ve seen some companies outright say harvest in eight weeks. Like Woodrow said I wouldn’t want to smoke em and bet they don’t look nothing like the pictures on the website in 8 weeks.

I’m happy with ILGM so far. Got quite a bit of credit and a few good discounts I need to use. Been looking at GG4, banana Kush and a couple others. May just go for variety next grow.

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Glad you looked it up @Outlaw
Post some pics of your grow
If you are looking at a variety, check out the one that has the Bruce banner auto. I think it comes with GSC and something else
My buddy ordered that one and gave me a BB seed to try. It’s growing like crazy.

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That’s what I try to do. After a year and a half, I finally have enough stash to get through an entire grow cycle if needed. Trying to average it out where I harvest one just as the last one is cured properly. Shooting for every 6 weeks or so to get 1/2 lb. Right now I have a White Widow about 6 weeks in flower and 2 more about a month behind. Sprouting a Bubba Kush and a semi-mystery seed to keep it going.

I’ve done (2) auto grows, each with (4) plants. Both times it was between 14-17 weeks from seed to harvest


Just went upstairs and took these pics. Broke the main stem of the second from left two weeks ago. Was hanging on by a thread. Think she’s gonna be just fine. First on left was just lanky as hell three mornings ago all the sudden. No idea why. It’s a weird one.

New leaves started curling a bit and feeling leathery on third one so I raised the fan up some more and turned the light down a notch. She’s already looking better. Furthest on right is a mutant. Strangest leaves I’ve ever seen on first few nodes. Just kept it going to see what she’d do.

Apparently FedEx ships on Sunday now so I’m expecting a humidifier tomorrow. One more problem solved.

Looking good bro :dizzy:

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