White hairs showing on all Auto flowers except bot as much on one

New here. All plants in photo is same strain (zkittles) and same age. Started getting white hairs on zkittles autos 2 and a half weeks ago. The white hairs are growing and buds getting bigger but not much progress for one plant(the one on the right) since the first week of flowering. See picture attached. Is this normal? Im new to growing.


Normal flowering process. She looks good at this point.


100% agree, plants look good. The slower one will catch up.


Thats what i thought. Everyplant is different im sure shell catch up soon! Thanks for your confirmation!


I’ve tried a few autos now and the zkittlez are the fastest by far of what I’ve planted.

My first Zkitttlez got pretty huge, and I started it with a gorilla glue at the same time. The Gorilla glue finally went, and has gotten much bigger than the Zkittlez.


Yea i thought the zkittles autos where supposed to be compact. Its week 6 for me and they are 3 feet! How tall did yours get? Also, how long did it take you to harvest since planting the seed? @Nothingshocking

They look good. Zittlez love nutes or mine did.

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@RandyMarsh Mine was 42 inches the last time I measured it.

Unfortunately, I killed it after 6 weeks of flowering, so I never got to see it all the way. I have another on the way now, but I topped it a few times and it has a much different shape.

This is my first one after 42 days (notice the tiny Gorilla Glue next to it - exact same age)

This is round 2 of Zkittlez on about day 40 - no cola out in front of everything else this time

here is the last healthy pic of my zkittlez when she was 42 inches - day 66

I think I had 3-4 weeks left, and just finished week 11 if that helps

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Yeah thats the thing. After week 4 i started giving nutes and WAM double in size!!

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Oh wow. How did you kill it? Im continuosly learning and im wondering how long the zkittles strain would take from planting the seed until harvest. Im just a bit confused because you said you were on day 66 but had 3-4 weeks left. For Zkittles this is day 39 for me and im wondering when i should expect to harvest. I know im far from it but… from seed to harvest time for zkittles, how many weeks? Looking at your day 66 photo it looked pretty good but seen you said you had 3-4 weeks left?

Btw… how much did you yeild in that skittles plant? And how big is your pot?

@RandyMarsh The pic was from day 66 the plant made it until day 77, 11 weeks. I took more pics as it was dying, but that’s the last healthy looking pic. Not entirely sure how I killed it. I had too much fertilizer, too much light, and too much heat, so any one of those might have done it.

It looks good in the pic, but it was pretty immature, the pistils weren’t swollen yet and the buds very airy. They were budding for 6 weeks, and 8 weeks it the early side of ripe. 3-4 more weeks and I was hoping for a lot of denser buds. Hopefully this next harvest, I’ll get the real deal Zkittlez.

Ahh man that sucks. Must of been surprising though considering how good they looked on day 66! Im surprised. Did you smoke that batch anyway? Also what were your temps at, light distance and what did you feed it? Just dont want to make the same mistake. As a newbie and my first grow, i thought the average 8 month listed grow time for this strain was from seed to harvest. I didnt know it was flower time 8 months. So 3 months grow cycle and seeing my plants die at the very end… id go nuts haha

@RandyMarsh the weed was ok, just not what I wanted it to be. I wasn’t monitoring my ppm’s in my runofff or my grow room temp. When the plant was in distress I took a reading of the run-off and it was almost 4,000 ppm. The heat I’m not sure, but it’s 79 degrees now and was at least 10 degrees warmer. Just dumb stuff that could have been avoided.