Sweet mix harvest advice

Hi folks! I’m so glad to be here with you all. This is my first auto grow. I’m at either day 68 or 70 from germ of Zkittles, wedding cake, and gelato. I am struggling to decide when to harvest, as I’m seeing some amber trichomes on top colas but can’t tell if it is go time to start the progressive harvest. Lower buds certainly need a week or so. Any advice would be appreciated. I can take more shots with my macro lens or try to get some jewelers loop shots with my phone if we need some clearer trichome shots. My lights just went dark for the next 6 hours so I can update at 5pm EST.

A couple of weeks following the browning and recession of the pistils (the white hair looking things) you can begin looking at the trichomes for the desired effect.

You have several weeks to go before I would start looking at trichomes. A few of the pistils are browning, but it takes several weeks for the plant to work through the process.


Thank you! That’s the guide I’ve been using. Are the amber trichomes I’m “seeing” some kind of refraction from the LED lights and my lens? So from this point, my buds will mostly be ripening but mass gain is slowing down, right? I should continue to fee 1/4 strength bloom nutrients and kelp/cal-mag/silica/enzymes/molassas?

Oh, obviously, I’m in soil. 5 gallon felt pots. 18/6

I think it’s best to look at trichomes under natural daylight or clip a small piece of a top cola and look under a microscope that way you’re not getting as much reflection from brown pistols.

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Word. That is great advice.

Ok - 10 days later. Looks like I’m getting close on my skittlez right?

Wedding cake and gelato. Some nugs more progressed than others. Having a hard time deciding when it is go time. Leaves still not fully faded.

The skittlez certainly has a couple colas further along than others. About 5 percent golden trichomes.